During a Twitch live stream, the CD Projekt Red team revealed 20 new cards in the upcoming mid-winter update for Gwent the Witcher Card Game.

Gwent was initially a mini-game in the Witcher 3, but it’s popularity and the growing interest in online card games like HearthStone by Blizzard, prompted CDPR to produce and release the game as a multiplayer online card game.

Gwent is currently in Open Beta and has seen many changes from the original version in the Witcher 3, but the core of the game is still the same.

The Mid-Winter update is expected mid to end of December and will see over 100 new cards added to the available card pools. CDPR will reveal cards between now and then, and the first 20 were shown on their official Twitch channel.

Along with the new cards, CDPR also hinted a new game mode and focused on the random nature of some of the cards. This could suggest a draft mode could be coming soon to Gwent, as players are currently only able to play casual or ranked with constructed decks.

New features also included dueling, where a unit will deal its strength value to an enemy unit, reducing the enemy unit’s strength value, the enemy unit will then deal its remaining strength back. Also revealed was the Immune tag word, which would mean a unit couldn’t be targeted directly by an action, but could still be affected by a random or area of effect action.

CDPR have created a page on their official site and will reveal the cards on that page, as they are revealed over the coming weeks. So check out that page for the full list of new revealed cards and keep an eye on it over the coming weeks.

Watch Developers stream + A ROUND OF GWENT Ep. 4 from CD PROJEKT RED on www.twitch.tv

Gwent Thronebreaker, the single-player campaign was recently delayed until 2018 and the Gwent esports scene is becoming more and more popular as the game heads towards full release.

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