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Compile Heart’s newest project has recently been revealed to be a PlayStation Vita game by the name of Gun Gun Pixies. A teaser countdown website was launched last week for the game and the first details about the title have now emerged in a Dengeki online preview. The upcoming game will be a shooter featuring cute girls.

Gun Gun Pixies

Shade / Compile Heart

From the details given so far, Gun Gun Pixies’ story will include a celestial body themed race of aliens including dwarf’s that are miniature, pixie sized people. In the game two of these pint-sized heroes will have to infiltrate a girl’s dormitory in order to save their mother star. Their mission will include running around shooting targets while getting to look up the skirts of the dormitory’s residents.

Bullet Girls developer Shade will be working on this new Vita project. The main illustrator is  Katsuyuki Hirano of Record of Agarest War series and Genkai Tokki: Moero Chronicle. Screenshots show gameplay elements like third person perspective, combos, clothing damage that will reveal character’s bodies as they take more hits and cute little squid like characters that may be friend or foe.

03 cs1w1 800x453

Shade / Compile Heart

Dengeki PlayStation will be revealing more information about Gun Gun Pixies in their latest issue due out on November 10th. The more in-depth preview of the game will include information about bosses, alien enemies, special reward scenes players can earn and a staff interview. Snippets of the upcoming interview in Dengeki mention that the focus of the game was to fight from the point of view of a small character and the fun of looking at a girl’s privates from a low angle.

04 cs1w1 800x453

Shade / Compile Heart

Gun Gun Pixies is a new project from Shade and Compile Heart for PS Vita. A release date or pricing information have not yet been shared. More details for the game will be coming later this week.

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