Square Enix is expanding their selection of mobile games with their latest release Guardian Codex. Made by the same team behind card battler Guardian Cross, Guardian Codex is an RPG that allows players to capture and battle with “guardians” in a virtual world. Free to play (with microtransactions) for iOS and Android this new game is available to download now.

Including both a single player story and multiplayer battles Guardian Codex is set in a world torn apart by a war between the Empire and the Resistance. Players will become Resistance Agents that are sent into a virtual world called the “Codex” to capture powerful guardians. In addition to capturing guardians players will have to fight waves of enemies within the Codex with the help of their new guardian companions. The ultimate goal is to transfer these virtual fighters into the real world to aid the Resistance in a fight against the Empire.

Guardians are used in multiplayer play as well. Resistance agents can team up in groups of up to four to participate in co-op battles and use their guardians to defeat the strongest of foes.  Each team member chooses one guardian to help defeat bosses and get rare reward items.

Guardian Codex

Battle with up to three friends.

Using commands in the same style as Dragon Quest, players will be able to execute over 100 different attacks, status effects, and abilities. The high-end 3D graphics bring life to over 100 types of guardians players can encounter and capture. The Codex also includes subquests to complete and caves to search.

 The game includes in-game currency  called “Codex Credits” that are used for all in-app purchases. Uses for currency includes retrying failed battles, purchasing random guardians  and expanding inventory and roster space. The game uses an energy mechanic that will get drained as you play and can also be replenished with credits. In-game currency can be purchased in bundles ranging form 120 credits for $.99 to 17500 credits for $79.99. Those that download the game will be given a 4-Star Banshee Guardian, 6,000 Codex Credits, and five Magic Stones (III) to begin. Starting November 6th Square Enix will be giving away  Codex Credits, as login bonuses. For more information about Guardian Codex visit the official webpage here.

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