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In the latest update via the Rockstar Games newswire it has been announced that the long awaited Online Heists will be coming to all versions of the game on March 10th and that the PC version of GTA V, which was meant to release March 24th, has now been pushed back once again to now release on April 14th.

Online Heists are a 4-player cooperative mode where players and three of their friends can plan and execute a heist. The heists can be multi-part all across Los Santos and are meant to be similar to the different heists that you participated in as the three protagonists during the main story of the game.

GTA V for PC will now be coming on April 14th to retail and as digital download. Rockstar also apologises to PC gamers world wide who have been waiting patiently for the release of the PC version of the game and they ask for just a few more weeks to make sure that GTA Online and GTA Heists are working perfectly for when the game launches. For all PC gamers who pre-ordered the game they will be recieving an additional $200,000 cash for their GTA Online characters, which user “agent_TACO” in the comments points out that for a GTA V PC pre-order ” there is already 500,000 SP and 500,000 Online + 300,000 additional I assume in total with this 200,000 we should have 1,000,000 for online”.

Rockstar says that the PC version is going to be the most graphically and technically advanced version of the game and has PC specific features such as greater levels of details, lots of configuration options and 4K support as well as a editor for recording the game in engine. Rockstar also asks that when the game does arrive to contact their Support which they will be monitoring closely.

What do you all think of GTA V for PC getting pushed back again? When did you preorder it and how long have you been waiting? Are you looking forward to participating in heists with your friends?

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  • JakeMettle

    Now I just have to find any of my friends still willing to play this, on PS3 no less, lol.

  • Alex

    Oh come on! Again? -_-”

  • Kyle Francoeur

    While I never had much hope for the port to be of any reasonable quality, I’d rather them wait and do as much of it as they can well instead of pushing it out the door even more broken than it should be.

  • My hope is that all these delays are due to Rockstar wanting to put
    their reputation of poor PC ports behind them. But my main worry is that
    all these delays suggest that they are having trouble doing just that.

  • culturesh0ck

    Come the fuck on, Rockstar. After all these delays, if the PC port is anything less than decent people are gonna be PISSED.

  • Zanard Bell

    I’m not even surprised. They want to release the heists before the PC version because they’re afraid that some intrepid modder is going to beat them to the punch, and for good reason, because that lone guy certainly will. Rockstar doesn’t care about the PC version at all.

    I’m never throwing my money to Rockstar again for what they’ve done not just to IV, but to my San Andreas steam version as well.

  • SevTheBear

    Well that means that I have more time to finish Disgaea :3

  • doofus

    Yeah, it’s a shame you can’t offline them with the crew you’ve built up through various side quests/encounters.

  • Salt Miner

    These Heists had better be worth the wait and had better blow me away. Or I’m gonna have a boat load of things to say to Rockstar. That’s all I’ll say.

  • Andy

    Glad i only payed €37 for it.(including the pre order bonus)

    Just hope this is another reason for polishing the pc version.