In what so far has shown to be an already unfortunate five days for some GTA Online players, a new problem has arisen with the latest DLC, Smuggler’s Run. GTA Online‘s latest DLC permits players to purchase an airplane hanger where they can store, retrieve and customize airplanes they have bought. While usage of these planes has been advertised as some of the best ways to experience freedom, it would appear now that Rockstar believes this freedom should come with raised responsibility in regards to any hostility towards you. Or at the very least, you’ll be the one picking up the bill whenever your aircraft gets destroyed.

While it appears to be some kind of bug, user HasselHox details in both a Reddit post and a Youtube video how a player destroying his personal aircraft nets him the insurance cost, as opposed to the assailant picking up the bill as is normally the case with personal vehicles. Additional reports by other users confirm the issue as well. In fact, according to this post, the owner of the vehicle will even receive Bad Sport points when their vehicle is blown up. Good and Bad Sport points are used to determine whether someone is being a griefer in a particular server, with Bad points usually being garnered when you blow up someone else’s personal vehicle. For a personal aircraft, this seems to have been turned on its head.

Bugs like these serve to do nothing but to possibly diminish the trust players have in GTA Online, trust that already found itself on unstable ground when Rockstar started removing funds from players’ bank accounts for seemingly no reason.

What do you think of this issue with the newest addition to GTA Online? Have you received a bill for your plane getting blown up by someone else? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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