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It seems that Green Man Gaming, a popular online game store, is not able to supply the demand people have for Star Wars: Battlefront. A user on Reddit received an email from the company saying that they don’t have enough keys to send to everyone who may have been affected. The game has been taken from the store until this issue has been resolved.

What this means is that players will have to exercise some patience until they get restocked. In the email sent to customers, the store says that it is committed to giving everyone their keys within 48 hours, noting that only a small number of customers may be experiencing the delay. They go on to say that they guarantee delivery of the keys before the end of November 19, which is this Thursday.

Customers who are affected by this will receive a voucher for 30% off on their entire store. This isn’t really a huge deal since the site routinely gives out discounts up to 22% (which can also be stacked with other discounts), but it’s a nice gesture regardless. People are also eligible for a refund if they so desire. If you want to request a refund you can make a ticket here.

This is not the first time Green Man Gaming has had problems with delivering pre-ordered keys at launch. Earlier this year, their automatic key delivery system encountered a glitch which meant that a lot of customers received emails without their keys.

At the end of last month, they also announced that they were going to stop their credit program, a feature that allowed customers to return a game for credit usable on the site as opposed to money back.

Quick Take

This is unfortunate if you’re one of the people that has been looking forward to jumping into the Star Wars battlefields. I hope they make good on their promise to deliver the keys within 48 hours of release, but it’s not entirely kosher that this happened in the first place.

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  • Azure

    I find the idea laughable that people will pay $60 for literally 1 game mode and like 3 maps of that game mode.

  • Saturnrules

    4 maps….11 weapons…

  • Nathaniel Plain

    That is why they are paying $45 to $50 by buying through GreenManGaming

  • braneman

    I wonder how many people actually know this isn’t a battlefront game at this point.

  • Chris Anderson

    It’s literally $60 for 9 game modes and like 12 maps across 4 different planets.

  • Azure

    1 game mode and 8 pieces of that game mode put into smaller maps, Which will show how boring these objectives are on their own and shows that EA had nothing planned out side of Graphics and Walker Assault and making lots of money off a ‘movie tie in release’

    Yes that’s right this is becoming one of those infamous ‘movie release’ games, they are rushing this game out of the door to get the most sales just before the movie comes out.

    Then people will defend the buggy content by saying ‘oh but they will patch it out’. Which is always unacceptable.

  • AlienPickle

    If this thing was just Battlefield 4 with Star Wars replacement for the units, I’d throw them money all day long. However, it’s not. What’s there is just weaksauce. On the bright side, this game will free-fall to Titanfall pricing by spring.