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Unsurprisingly, Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development.

What is surprising is that Rockstar once toyed around with the idea to make a game in their titular series set in Tokyo.  

As reported by TechRadar, heads from Rockstar visited Tokyo to assess its potential for as the setting for a new entry in the series. This was around the time before Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City, and it is typical of the developers to visit a prospected area to gather information, take pictures, meet locals, and get a feel for the area. Unfortunately, Tokyo’s streets and infrastructure were seen as problematic at the time and the project was scrapped. 

Rockstar filed trademark for Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo in 2003 along with Grand Theft Auto: Bogota and Sin City. One would imagine that Rockstar would have a tough time making a game set outside of the United States today given how rooted the franchise is in the country, there are a ton of  brands that are series staples that would have to change,  but such an idea is not entirely impossible. 

TechRadar’s source also stated that Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in development which is little surprise given that GTA 5 was release more than two years ago. Rockstar has continued to support Grand Theft Auto 5 with constant updates to its online component and released the long awaited heist update for the GTA Online last year, but there has been no other news about the long promised story DLC. Although Rockstar has been open about the development of the sixth installment of the popular franchise, they were quick to address that no setting has been decided.   

GTA Publisher Take Two Interactive has already stated that they will be at E3 2016 in a big way, and that they view GTA as one of their permanent franchises. With any luck we’ll have more information about the future of Grand Theft Auto and all the other titles that reside under Take Two Interactive’s publishing umbrella. 


Seth Childers

For as long as I can remember I've always had a controller in my hands and, as a child, I once played video games until my thumbs hurt. When my thumbs aren't hurting you can find me writing, podcasting, or at the closest dive bar.

  • Reptile

    I would like a GTA that took place on Tokyo.
    But I really really want GTA VI to take place in Vice City.

  • Seth Childers

    I’ll be interested to see where they go with the setting. I don’t think it will be Vice City because GTA 5 was so colorful, but we can hope.

  • Bloodnok

    If they follow the pattern, Vice City is the obvious answer. The three original maps from GTA 1 were Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City. They did all three in 3D starting with GTA III, and so far two of them in HD with IV and V. It’s somewhat obvious a conclusion that VI should be in Vice City by that pattern.

    That’s not what I want, of course, but it’s what I expect.

    What I want is to go back and revisit the first add-on pack, GTA:London…

  • Galbador

    Why does “Lost in Translation” comes to mind when I read this article? Or this horrible german accent from Hollywood.

  • Seth Childers

    One mission sees your character go to a karaoke booth and put on a pink wig to preform an assassination.

  • TH3J4CK4L

    We already got something to fill that void. Its called Yakuza

  • Galbador

    *takes pencil and stabs eyes*

    Much better =)