It’s that time of year again. You cuddle up next to your significant other, you put on some romantic Marvin Gaye, check if the safety on your Tommy gun is off, and cosily shoot some (not so innocent) bystanders in the face. That’s right! Valentine’s Day has come to Grand Theft Auto V‘s Los Santos!

You can now join the festivities in and around southern San Andreas with a variety of Valentine’s Day-themed machines of murder. This year’s update brings back all of last year’s favorites and makes them once again available for purchase for a limited time. The Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun is making its much-awaited return, and an updated version of the classic Albany Roosevelt car is once again available to add to your collection of vehicles via the Legendary Motorsport website accessible from your phone in the game. 

Grand Theft Auto Online Valentine's Day

In addition to this you can now procure some new outfits to go with the festivities as you paint the town red. New suits, vests, dresses for the lasses, bustiers, boxer shorts with heart motifs, sexy stockings and many more things can be bought to complete your 1930’s Bonnie and Clyde look.

The update also brings back all the unique mission types with a Valentine’s Day theme. Among these are intimate deathmatches in a church courtyard and in a villa, a parachuting mission through a canyon, a race through Vinewood, a boat race through the mountains and an off-road bike race through the desert. How romantic. 

The update is available right this second, and can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Last-gen consoles are unfortunately are no longer updated with new stuff.

For a full list of returning features you can expect to find in the new update you can check last year’s event page on Rockstar’s website. For the new addition as well as some more screenshots you can check out the Steam community page for the game!

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