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After shaking up the cloud storage game almost 2 years ago, Google is about to do it again. Today on their blog, Google announced new pricing for Google Drive.

You can still have the free 15GB of storage as usual, but now the 100GB option is now only $1.99 a month (used to be $4.99). The 1 TB option has dropped significantly as well now $49.99 previously $9.99. The ungodly amount of 10 TB of online storage is now $99.99. This significantly undercuts both Dropbox and OneDrive, Google’s biggest competition.

For families who love to share pictures or if you are colaborating on something, grabbing 10 gigs for a few bucks wouldn’t be a bad deal. Will this entice you to use cloud storage more often? Leave it in the comments below.

JR Moore

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  • I am continually amazed at the lengths Google will go to for the consumer. The price points they offer for services and hardware blow my mind every single time they do something like this. Kudos for providing us with quality and not just a massive markup.

  • A 4 TB western digital green hard drive costs 164$
    If you assume 3x data replication, 4 TB costs 492$ in drives

    They sell data in buckets, so if you buy a 1TB bucket, you’re likely to only use a part of it. Lets assume the average 1TB bucket customer uses 500GB.

    That means 3 drives would cover 8 customers

    That would mean that in under 7 months, Google payed for the cost of the drives themselves. Google makes their own hardware for servers, so you can expect them to be very low cost. They’re likely consumer grade xeon e3 processors with 24 drives per machine.

    It’s not that Google is cheap, it’s that everyone else is insanely expensive.

    Their 100GB plan, people are likely to use a higher percentage of, however, it costs twice as much per gig, so even at 100% usage, it’s equivalent to my 500GB per user model.