The simplest games can always be the ones that we can’t seem to put down, offering an enjoyable experience that you can pick up, put down, and come back to. Platformers always do a good job of accomplishing giving you a game you can play multiple times, while continuing to give you a good experience. Recently, a small game by the name of Goldbeard was released, offering a few hours of ever increasing difficulties of fun over 40 levels. Overall, it offers a good experience that is worth the small price point!


The gameplay is simple, fast paced, and gets harder as you proceed through the game. You play the role of a dwarf sent down into the dungeons below the castle to collect coins and ale to replenish the supply that was all used up by the King’s feast! The goal is to dash and jump your way across the 40 levels, collecting as many gold coins, gems, and barrels of ale as you can while avoiding traps and enemies. With moving platforms, spikes, bottomless pits, and the skeletons of the dead, the levels get increasingly harder the further you go. You have a torch  that gives you a limited field of vision and with an added twist, Goldbeard’s torch only illuminates the caverns for a brief time, forcing you to complete the dungeon halls within the time limit or try again! The final level gives you a final challenge, which only the most worthy will encounter!

Goldbeard’s gameplay was addictive and easy to get the hang of. There are a few issues that can be run into, such as getting stuck between a wall and a moving platform, or running backwards, that will freeze the game and force you to close out and start all over. There is a continue feature, but if you close the game, your progress is not saved. Fortunately the game is not incredibly long!

Goldbeard Level


The story is simple, and has cutscenes at the beginning and end of the game. The king threw a huge feast and used up all the ale and coins, forcing you to embark into the dungeons below to collect more so that a conflict won’t happen! Rely on your speed, quick reflexes, and intelligence as you make your way through the timed puzzles of each level!



The graphics are 2D, offering environments that you can explore (albeit quickly) as you make your way through and try and collect as many coins and ale barrels as you can! The cutscenes at the beginning and end of the game are 2D animations, with conversations taking place via text. Just like the gameplay, the graphics are simple, but do enhance the game with how they are utilized.

Goldbeard Level 2


The audio fits this game perfectly, with music that would be found in the court of a medieval castle, probably much like the one that drank up all the ale! As you proceed through the dark dungeon, the sound effects really do the gameplay and experience justice. You’ll hear the dripping water, grinding as you move the stone blocks to open the door, and the wonderful clang of collecting coins as you make your way through the game. As always, audio is incredibly important to a solid game, and you can tell thet Punchscreen really put time into their audio

Goldbeard Level 3

The Verdict

If you like a small game that you can play on any computer, Goldbeard is one that will keep your attention for a few hours and definitely worth the small price point associated with it. To anyone who enjoys a puzzle/platformer, it’s one that you can add to your collection for a very small price, and can be enjoyed over and over due to the difficulty. If you think this is a game you’ll beat quickly, you would be incorrect, as some of the final levels of the game are incredibly difficult! We rate this game as worth a play!

Interested in getting the game? Pick it up on Android!

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