NIS America has announced that the Japanese folklore-inspired tactical RPG God Wars The Complete Legend is coming to Switch sometime this fall. Originally released on the PS4 and Vita last summer, God Wars: Future Past blended elements of Japanese mythology with tactical RPG action. The Switch release of God Wars The Complete Legend will add in several new characters, more endings, as well as 100 hours of additional content with the “Legend of Yomi” expansion included. Unfortunately, PS4 and Vita owners will still need to pay for the Legend of Yomi expansion. Regardless, Switch owners can delve into Japan’s mythological history later this fall.

Incorporating artistic elements of woodcarving and ink wash paintingGod Wars: Future Past is a truly “classic” SRPG. God Wars entwines natural disasters with the fates of three separate nations on the island of Mizuho. With the peoples of Mizuho straying away from ancestral worship, the gods have turned to asserting their existence in destructive, direct ways. Covering the tales of Princess Kaguya and her childhood friend, they attempt to unite nations and families in order to placate the gods and stop a devastating volcanic eruption. Expect a lot of bizarre creatures and strange magical rituals here.

After coming off of the lukewarm reception of Natural Doctrine, Kadokawa had a number of improvements to make. Notably, tuning the difficulty and upgrading the visuals. While God Wars didn’t exactly improve on the visual front, Kadokawa did learn to balance the difficulty. Much of the praise directed at Future Past thankfully concerned the mechanics and the story. Packing 14 characters and hundreds of customization options into a tight package, God Wars offers fans of SPRGs a way to connect with a sorely underutilized genre. Switch owners will be able to adventure through the legend-filled lands of Mizuho in God Wars The Complete Legend later this fall.

What do you think of Kadokawa’s second attempt at an in-house SPRG? How do you feel about more PS4 and Vita games getting ported to the Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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