And… we have yet another game announced at Sony’s Pre-TGS conference! Though this one is more of a re-release, I suppose; though it does mark the God Eater series first debut on console.

Much like the name implies, God Eater 2: Rage Burst is the enhanced re-release of God Eater 2; with new bosses, weapons, areas, and what have you. We never got 2013’s God Eater 2 over here in the west, so it might not mean much to you or me in particular; but if the first games Burst release is anything to go by, this version of the game is going to absolutely be worth the double dip that some Japanese gamers may be considering.

The trailer shows off a little bit of the new content in the game; as well as the first look at the PS4 version in action. We also get a date for the game, which happens to be… a Japanese release within the year! Still no word on a western release, but considering that we had to wait until God Eater: Burst to get the first game, there might be a chance of getting this version of God Eater 2 as well. Considering the PS4’s continued success in the west makes a localization seem only even more likely.

Bandai-Namco also expressed interest in continuing and expanding the series going forward, so it may be pertinent to express your interest in the franchise so that it might continue on to this side of the pacific! As for right now, though; God Eater 2: Rage Burst is announced for a Japanese release, later this year. Anything else, including western release plans, we’ll keep you updated with as it comes.

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