So many big titles are coming out around Halloween this year. We have Halo 5 releasing tomorrow and Star Wars: Battlefront being released in November. But if you can’t wait until then Mojang might have a way for you to tide over the excitement. Character packs are available now for Halo 5: Guardians, Star Wars Prequel Characters and even a Halloween pack to help you create the scariest build ever. 

First up the Halo 5 skins coming to the game let you play as your favorite characters from Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris. This is an update that will be coming free to all console edition players who have purchased the Minecraft Halo Mash Up Pack in the past. Also included in this pack is 40 other characters from Halo and pre-made worlds including recognizable locations such as Silent Cartographer, Blood Gulch and plenty more. The Minecraft: Halo Edition mash-up pack is currently available to purchase for $3.99 USD.

The Star Wars prequel pack is the third of the character skin packs for Minecraft Console Edition. This prequel character will give you access to over 50 character skins from Star Wars Episodes I – III. With this pack you can recreate all of your favorite battles from the prequel trilogy with all your friends. This skin pack is available now of all console platforms and is being sold for the cheap price of $2.99 USD.

Halloween is coming up on Saturday and if you’d rather stay indoors away from the scary trick-or-treaters then Minecraft is the place to be. The Halloween pack includes 43 different skins, a new creepy texture pack and new spooky music. There is also a premade world included with a large rollercoaster and spooky pumpkin. The Halloween Mashup pack is available now for all console versions of Minecraft and will also be $3.99 USD.

If you want a better way to get your hands on these skins then we have a couple of giveaways so you can have a chance to get the code.

Minecraft Halloween Pack for Xbox One

Minecraft Star Wars Pack for Xbox One

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