Microsoft has announced the titles for the March Xbox Games With Gold Instant Game Collection as we near the end of February. As always, there are four games for the month’s Instant Game Collection, two Xbox One Titles, and two Xbox 360 Titles that will be available via backward compatibility for Xbox One users. The focus for this upcoming month seems to be providing some quick paces and fun action for many on Xbox One, with a younger focus in the Xbox 360 games.

Xbox One March Games With Gold

Trials of the Blood Dragon will be the first Xbox One Games With Gold title and will be available March 1 through March 31st. Trials of the Blood Dragon follows the events of the 80’s-tastic standalone expansion Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon with a radical departure in terms of genre. The style of Blood Dragon returns with the neons and 80s action feel, but it’s combined this time with the motorcycling Trials series and some 90’s ‘tude to mash it all together. Announced and released back in E3 2016Trials of the Blood Dragon was one of Ubisoft’s surprises of that event, although it received mediocre review scores overall.

Available between March 16 and April 15 will be the indie shooter sensation SUPERHOT that has time move (mostly) only when you do. In Superhot you take on a series of areas outnumbered, outgunned, but definitely not outmatched as you solve the combat in a variety of ways with how to get weapons, shoot down enemies, and cut bullets from the air. Complemented by a surprisingly interesting story, SUPERHOT is one of the more innovative games in recent years, as our review pegged it back on its original commercial release in 2016.

Xbox 360 March Games With Gold

Brave: The Video Game may be about as far as you can get from the low-poly high action style of SUPERHOT but it is the first Xbox 360 addition to the Instant Games Collection and will be available March 1 through March 15. This 2012 action-adventure game is a family-friendly adventure that has you travel with bow and arrow, swords, and more throughout Scotland to break a magical curse and save a country with wits and combat. Beyond a single player campaign, there’s also co-op and the game includes a Bear mode if you want to see if you can bear being a deadly creature in the wilds some.

The second half of the month goes away from whimsy and fairy tales to the realm of puzzle experiments with Quantum Conundrum, available March 16 through 31. This 2012 light-hearted puzzling platforming romp has you control a young boy as you use your uncle’s latest invention to solve puzzles and rescue your uncle from the crazy mansion you find yourself in. Manipulate dimensions to change the world around you to figure out puzzles in a game that has been compared at times to Portal, only in part because of it sharing some creative staff.

As we close up here, I’d be remiss not to remind you that we are closing in on the end date for some of last month’s games with gold if you want to download them and haven’t. For Xbox One Shadow Warrior will continue to be available through the end of February, while Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India will be available through March 25. For Xbox 360 (and Xbox One via backward compatibility), Crazy Taxi is available through May 30th.

 What do you think of the March Xbox Games with Gold? Do you think that the line up of Xbox One Games is good enough? Any of these games ones you missed and plan to try? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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