Upcoming WW2 strategy game, Hearts Of Iron IV, is, unfortunately if predictably, colliding head first with Germany’s strict censorship laws

As outlined in section 86a of the German criminal code, the country has extremely strict rules revolving around the use of Nazi symbolism, such as: “flags, insignia, uniforms, slogans and forms of greeting”.

Hitler Hearts Of Iron IV

Adolf Hitler

Paradox Interactive’s Hearts Of Iron IV is based on WW2 and thus prominently features the Nazis, even including Hitler himself. However, the German version of the game will be heavily censored so that it doesn’t break the law in this region.

This is to stop the symbolism from being misused to promote their previous ideology. Although, whilst banned from games, movies on the other hand actually allow them under the category of artistic-merit, which could be seen as rather contradictory.

On the 19th May, a community manager made an announcement over on the Hearts Of Iron IV official forum, to try and explain how the German version will be censored.

What exactly is meant with the German version?

– The German version lacks a certain DLC component which results in the following:

1) a bunch of prominent nazis is displayed as dark silhouettes instead of a colored portrait.

2) some speeches in events are different

3) SS generals have no skulls on their caps

4) event pictures with hitler and stuff from point 1 are different

Hiller Hearts Of Iron IV

Armand Hiller

An example of the censorship can be seen above. The blacked out silhouette is of Adolf Hitler and, alongside the appearance change, has been renamed to Armand Hiller.

Hearts Of Iron IV will be released, exclusively for PC, June 6th worldwide. You’ll be able to find any new info about this censorship reported on the Censored Gaming YouTube channel, as well as right here on TechRaptor, as soon as it is known.

What do you think of this change? Do you think Germany’s laws are overly strict? Is it fair games are held to a different standard than film? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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