Last week, I did an Australia PC build, and had a bit of trouble because of the lack of Amazon, and some crazy prices. This week, we’ll be looking at a German PC Build, known affectionately as The Panzer! Because it will be a tank and mash through everything at this price range. Once again, we’ll be having a ~700 currency budget, this week in Euros. And you get a lot for 700 Euros. Also, we get to use German Amazon prices, but like last week, I’ll be sure to help anyone who asks for more personal stores, in case you don’t like Amazon. 

The Panzer!

CPU: AMD FX-8350

For this build, we will get a lot of power out of it. The FX-8350 is a really good CPU for multicore applications, such as video editing and games such as Battlefield 4. In the future, more games will benefit multicore CPUs, so this CPU is a great choice for anyone who wants a really fast, powerful processor for a really affordable price. Also, you can get more power by overclocking, and the FX-8350 overclocks like made with good cooling.


CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Seidon 120V

At this price point, we’re actually able to get an all-in-one water cooler, so that overclocking mentioned earlier will definitely be good. This is the best water cooler or anything, but it will definitely get the CPU to 4.5Ghz, the sweet spot for this processor. It’s a great boost, and this cooler will keep it in a great temperature range.

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3

As usual, Gigabyte makes really nice boards. Not always the greatest to look at, unless you like the white and blue, but they certainly come feature packed and insanely capable. You get SLI/Crossfire support, USB3.0, tons of rear ports, heatsinks on almost everything, and really durable parts. Really good boards for the price.

RAM: Adata XPG Gaming 8GB

Adata makes awesome, cheap, high quality RAM. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Since this is gaming oriented, 8GB of RAM is fine for nearly everything, and because it comes in a single DIMM, you still have three slots open for when you want to add in more RAM, up to 32GB. Cheap, highly quality, allows for expansion? Yea, definitely a good thing.

Storage: Seagate 1TB Hybrid Drive

With this price bracket, we’ll be able to get a bit more speed if we use a hybrid drive. This means you get speeds much faster than an HDD at a margin of the cost of an SSD. It’s a great mix of both worlds, and allows you to load games and operating systems stupidly fast. So fast that you won’t be able to pee before the level is loaded.


GPU: PowerColour R9 280 TurboDuo

PowerColour usually makes some bad design decisions, opting a lot of the time to use stock coolers for their cards. While great for watercooling enthusiasts, it’s reference designs aren’t that great. However, the TurboDuo cooler is actually a really good dual fan design, with amazing heat pipes and a nice beefy heatsink. This card will run cool, indefinitely.


Case: Xigmatek Recon

Strange how a build called The Panzer! is gonna be in a case call the Recon. But still, this case actually kind of looks like a tank! It look cool, but as usual, cases are subjective. But hey, look at some pictures of it, maybe you want your first computer to look like a low rider. Or a tank!

PSU: Fractal Design Integra R2 500W

Once again, the Fractal Design Integra R2 gets more placement on these builds. If there were a cheaper PSU at this wattage and such, it would probably be here, but every time there is, it’s from a company not seen before or it just doesn’t look as durable. Fractal makes good stuff these days, and their PSUs are one of them.

So, there we have it. The Panzer! is an amazing beast of a machine, especially at this price range, though for the equivalent of $883 USD, it should be. For €710.22 according to PCPartPicker, you get an eight core, water cooled, play anything at high settings gaming PC, and it is awesome. This is probably the gamer’s sweet spot, but if you wanted to ditch the water cooling and get a cheaper CPU and a beefier GPU, you could do that too. But this is definitely something you should consider if you’re in or around Germany.

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