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The newest creation of Freelives and Devolver Digital is the party type game Genital Jousting, which has has been loosed onto Steam Early Access with a few quick notes.

Firstly, it’s banned on Twitch, which considering the title, comes as no surprise. Secondly, the game is apparently extremely erotic. I say apparently, because, third, the game is not available for sale in Australia or New Zealand, but before you jump to the obvious conclusion of the land of drop bears and Vegemite banning it, you are actually technically incorrect.

According to KotakuAU, the Devolver PR team notified them the game wasn’t banned, but instead they decided to not even bother getting it classified for potential sale, knowing that it would just get banned anyway. This would most likely have been done to avoid the somewhat high costs involved in getting the game looked at by the Australian Classification board.

This is an unsurprising move on Devolver’s part, considering one of their previous titles, Hotline Miami 2, was refused classification on its release, and even games like Left 4 Dead 2 needed to be cut down and censored before their release in Australia.

Since the introduction of Australia’s R18 rating for video games, not much has been done to actually allow this kind of content into Australia. A quick search of the classification board’s archives shows a laundry list of games that have been refused classifications recently.

If you aren’t from the land down under, and want to check out Genital Jousting, and perhaps let me know how much fun it is, you can get it on Steam.

Quick Take

Being an Australian gamer, especially one that likes this kind of quirky and silly title, can be a bit daunting at times. Not only do we have to contend with a low dollar, and the infamous Australia Tax, we then have to deal with the classification board treating us like children who can’t make up our own minds about what we should and shouldn’t play. The whole point of having an adult only rating, in my opinion, is so adults can choose if they wish to play a game about sticking cartoon penises up butts. And I for one would like to.

Jason Ashman

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Gamer, Programmer, TechHead, Australian. If I'm not here, I am probably knee deep in the dead somewhere, or the dropbears got me.

  • MT Silver

    No amount of genital jousting can make Australia less of a shithole.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    … like the few times i watched that AU tv show, about controls at the airports, etc, where people would be fined with a 300 AU $ bill, because they forgot to declare 1 small chorizo… or that indian woman forced to pay 250 bucks because she didnt declare 2 or 3 tiny bags with tea, for her syster… or that old dude, from america, who had caught 1 month in jail, because of defending and beating someone’s ass, like 20 years ago, and the foreigner service would not let him enter the Australian territory, because he was seen as a ‘threat’, and after spending 1600 US$ on the plane ticket, he was forced to quit the country in the next 12h, and paying another 1600 US$.
    These, and thousands other mind-blowing cases that make people want to grab a shotgun and replay a dead island scene.

    That’s why, at the end, I’m not surprised with these bans, at all.
    The fun thing is, while this game is being banned in australia, there surely are millions of couples performing the most crazy sexual insane things to each other, like peeing or shi tting, licking and eating everything, just before kissing each other with the most stinky tongues ever…. and that.. nobody can say anything, because… ADULT PEOPLE do whatever they want or like, in their own house, and nobody has the right to forbidden whatsoever.

    But if an adult game displays one SINGLE digital boob, on a 20 hours campaign , oh MY LORD, it’s the end of the world, australia government shouldn’t let a 25yo adult watch such offensive content: it could even be dangerous, and could make a gay guy feel attracted by that female please, let’s ban it asap.

    Seriously. . What a bunch of virgin frustated 50yo people, who are in charge of deciding what is good or not, to dozens other million australian men and women.

  • GrimFate

    What the hell? Why are they lumping NZ with Australia? As far as I know, we don’t ban games unless they have sadistic violence or underage girls. (Well, those are the 2 types of games that HAVE been banned.)

    I’m surprised that they can’t just make the game available here on Steam without applying for a rating, considering Hatred is available for sale here and I’m pretty sure if they had submitted that for a rating in NZ that it would have been swiftly banned.

  • I thought NZ had the same rating system as Australia. If not, I’m not too surprised that you get bundled together with them since games which are censored based on German or American sensibilities may end up dragging down the UK.

    I have more to learn about Steam with their ratings and also figure that submitting any game without a rating would solve problems worldwide.

  • GrimFate

    No, the Australian and NZ rating systems are different. For example, Australia are much more likely to ban (or is “decline rating”?) games, and they only got a rating higher than MA15 several years ago while NZ has had an R18 rating for games for a long time. But I think both rating bodies are called the same thing (OFLC), which could cause confusion.

    I’m not sure how the game rating thing works; it just seems confusing. I think if a game has been rated for a younger audience elsewhere in the world then a game doesn’t need to rated for sale in NZ, but I bought Gal*Gun from a local retailer, which got an R18 rating in Australia, and yet it doesn’t have a rating in NZ. Also, if a game is banned in NZ then Steam won’t sell it to NZ people, meaning they seem to obey NZ law, yet Microsoft won’t sell indie games on Xbox at all in NZ because apparently they would all need to be rated for sale in NZ, even though Steam will have plenty of games that aren’t. Ridiculous.

  • The technicalities may be more complex but declining a rating is effectively a ban from a consumer perspective since it would leave Steam or unrated PC releases as the only option at best. Both cases are commonly followed by publishers deciding to precensor their games if not avoid dealing with the region in general.

    I had no idea that NZ had a R18 rating for so long and think the rating system having the same name was the issue, but also that Australia is much more likely to be reported on. It is like Scotland to England or Canada to the States I suppose.

    Sounds like a real mess for New Zealanders.

  • GrimFate

    haha yup, they do like to lump NZ in with Australia.

    But it’s not usually a mess; usually when a game gets banned in Australia, it stills makes it to NZ, and if Australia gets a censored version, NZ gets the uncut version. For example, Saints Row 4 (I think) and South Park: The Stick of Truth both got censored copies in Australia, but they were uncensored in NZ. That is why this seems weird to me: Usually publishers/developers that avoid Australia still release their game uncut in NZ.

    Also if you’re interested: NZ doesn’t decline ratings like Australia. If your product is too extreme for R18, it is labeled “Objectionable” and is banned. And I don’t just mean banned as in shops can’t sell the product; I mean banned as in a possible massive fine and/or jail time for anyone possessing the product.

  • I suppose it might be in a publisher’s interests (not just cost wise) to avoid a NZ rating so you don’t risk jail time over playing their game though it is more likely to be a cost thing where they think PEGI and USK are more important.

    Thanks for info on NZ’s circumstances, I’ll have lots to read and relearn about ratings now.

  • neiliewheeliebin

    I bought it as a Steam gift from G2A, f__k Australia


    To be honest the system uses guidelines; and not human judgement so to speak; if the stupid guideline says x has x; then this happens or is okay;

    with Gental Jousting.

    Why does R18+ even exist then? Because the stupid non human interaction to the guidelines.
    it probably doesnt take into account satire or mood of the game but the ‘obvious’ ‘facts’


    Nope; SRIV can have the Girls Night Out mission; we dont in Australia; funny enough we can replace a file and we can play the mission. except its probably gonna block x person out from playing with Australians lel.

    I mean the fact its literally happened in a simulation doesnt get taken into account with the guidelines; guidelines are like rules and as such never takes context into consideration which is extremely stupid imo