Golem Arcana is a  unique tabletop game that blurs the lines between tabletop miniatures game and digital board game.

Played with beautifully pre-painted miniatures on a physical board, the game is controlled by a proprietary stylus that connects via Bluetooth to a companion app downloaded to player’s smart device. The app and stylus take care of all of the rules heavy-lifting for the players and allows them to focus almost exclusively on playing the game and having fun.

One of the major selling points of Golem Arcana is the ability to learn the game on the fly, as the app will walk players through the game-play as they play and the ability of Harebrained Schemes to make rules errata and power level adjustments on the fly. Harebrained Schemes actively collects data as players play and uses that data to ensure that players get the most well balanced and fun experience possible.

Players interested in organized play not only have access to official tournaments, but can earn points for simply playing the game at home. Players can participate in different scenarios presented by the app and can take part in large meta-games based on the factions that they choose to play and the teams they choose to create.

Take a look at the videos below as we speak to Brian Poel and find out more about Golem Arcana, organized play, where new players should start and also take a sneak peak and demo of the brand new Ashmough Colossus Golem that was on display at GenCon 2015.

Golem Arcana players interested in getting their hands on the Ashmough are in luck, as it comes out today, August 5th 2015. Keep an eye on your friendly local game store.

For readers who are on the fence about Golem Arcana or want to know TechRaptor’s opinion of the game, keep an eye out in the near future as we will be posting a full review of the core game box and the Ashmough figure as well.

If you are interested in picking up Golem Arcana you can purchase it from Amazon here or directly from Harebrained Schemes here.

Travis Williams

Tabletop Editor

Maestro of cardboard and plastic.