After teasing the release of Gen IV coming to Pokemon Go for a while Niantic has finally opened the floodgates letting Pokemon originally native to the Sinnoh region begin appearing all over the earth in Pokemon Go. Fans on Pokemon Go Subreddits, Discords, and Facebook groups have already been getting their fair share of Pokemon Go news between the mysterious new Meltan being discovered, the slew of events, and the preparation for this weekends Beldum Community Day but it seems Niantic had just one more gift to give.

Last week we saw the official announcement that Pokemon Go would be getting Gen IV Pokemon soon and with it a trailer showing off a few examples including the Gen IV starters; Piplup, Turtwig, and Chimchar as well as legendary pokemon Giratina. With players interest piqued over this past weekend, the official Pokemon Go twitter account tweeted out images describing these starter Pokemon and lamenting how they wish they could “add it to our Pokedex soon!” or “take an AR photo of it.”

Today, the update went live announcing that the Gen IV Pokemon would be released in waves, alongside a new trailer:

While we don’t have shots of all the Pokemon yet, we managed to find a Turtwig wandering about that we’ll share with you here:

turtwig pokemon go

Turtwig was the grass starter for Generation 4

Earlier this week well known Pokemon Go dataminer Chrales and others found that a lot of the model for the Gen IV pokemon were appearing in network traffic managing to get the 107 Sinnoh Pokemon to appear in their Pokedex. From the Gen IV Pokemon, some were absent including some of the mythical Pokemon and any Pokemon that has multiple different forms.

Are you excited to see Sinnoh Pokemon appearing in Pokemon Go? Which Pokemon are you most looking forward to catching? Are you planning on heading out this Sunday for a Meteor Mash Metagross?

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