Garage, developed by Zombie Dynamics, is a bloody top-down shooter inspired by VHS era B movies. You play as an ex-drug dealer named Butch who single-handedly slays hordes of mutants and the undead, all the while fighting the military.

Garage Announced

It takes place in an underground parking lot that leads Butch to a hidden and obscure underworld. Combat revolves around fighting the undead, mutants and the military, each enemy type requiring a unique approach. Bullets are scarce and melee is always an option.

Garage Announced

It isn’t just a top-down shooter, it allows players to experiment even to the point of playing soccer with zombie heads. Gameplay consists of a unique combination of survival, ammo management, shooting, and racing. Levels are filled with challenges and secrets for players to find. The game will also feature a variety of uniquely designed boss fights.

Garage is coming to Nintendo Switch as a timed exclusive on May 10.

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