The FMV horror game Erica releases tonight after Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and Flavourworks originally announced it in 2017.  The news comes right out of Gamescom Opening Night Live where they showed a new trailer of how it will play.

Flavourworks puts the player in the control of how the story unravels for the main character, Erica. Depending on choices made, it can lead down different paths and eventually a different ending similar to Choose Your Own Adventure games. Geoff Keighley, the host of Gamescom ONL, also compared it to Black Mirror: Bandersnatch for anyone that may have played it on Netflix, but noted that there is a lot more interactivity in Erica. It followed the same idea with varying paths to varying endings, both dead ends, and the true ending.

Control the Fate of Erica

The Creative Director of Flavourworks, Jack Attridge, wrote a blog post about Erica on the Playstation Blog. Here’s an excerpt below from the post about the murder mystery game,

“In the pioneering live-action cinematic experience, your decisions will shape the fate of Erica, a young woman who’s thrust into the middle of a murder mystery that’s somehow connected to her family’s history and the traumatic events that impacted her childhood. As she meets a growing cast of old family friends and new acquaintances, you must separate fact from fiction, truth from lie to decide what is the real story that ties past and present together.”

The trailer from Gamescom ONL is available below. It teases both the cinematic experience and decisions that you may or may not make. An interesting part of the trailer is how the player’s cursor is a fingerprint. It’s almost as if you’re leaving evidence all over the scene as you try to uncover the mystery. Perhaps you’ll incriminate yourself.

Erica is now available on PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store for $9.99.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the trailer!

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