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Another month and another free round of games for subscribers of the Xbox gold with the Games with Gold program have just been announced my Xbox Live’s Major Nelson. Just like with all of the other months Xbox Live members who have purchased a gold subscription will receive two free Xbox 360 games and one free Xbox One game. The Xbox One game will be released on the first of November for members to download for free and the first of the Xbox 360 games will be free from the 1st of November until the 15th and then on the 16th the second game will become free for the rest of the month.

For Xbox One owners the free game with Games with Gold will be the new [email protected] title that is debuting for free called Volgarr the Viking. Volgarr the Viking was a game originally kickstarted and released on Steam. Boasting a return to the difficulty of pixelated arcade games Volgarr has you moving through handcrafted pixel environments while facing touch challenges and screen filling bosses. If you want to check out Volgarr then you can find their steam page here.

Return to the time when games were really REALLY difficult!

Return to the time when games were really difficult…like REALLY difficult!

For the Games with Gold for Xbox 360 starting on the 1st of November you will be able to download Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise. Return to Piñata island once again to help raise more piñata as well as fight of Prof. Pest’s evil forces. This game has even more piñata than the first as well as new activities and new features. From the 16th of November onwards Xbox Gold members will be able to download Red Faction: Guerrilla. In Red Faction you play the role of a miner on Mars called Alec Mason who ends up joining the Red Faction after the defence force on mars starts to adopt a more violent approach to their duties. The fate of Mars lies with you and the Red Faction!

Creating candy or fighting for freedom, how are you going to spend your November?

Creating candy or fighting for freedom, how are you going to spend your November?

For anyone who has yet to download their free games for Octobers Games with Gold sadly you have missed out on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 but at the moment you can still download Darksiders II for the Xbox 360 and Chariot for the Xbox One.

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