Games With Gold August 2014

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The list of games that will be free as part of the Games With Gold program for August has been announced with only two days to wait before you can get your hands on these offerings. The Xbox One program seems to have figured itself out as we will be getting two new Xbox One games as well as the usual two Xbox 360 games.

For the Xbox 360 starting from August 1st Motocross Madness – Xbox Live (normally US$9.99) will be free. This game allows players to take their bikes across a wide variety of different environments racing and performing tricks to reach first place. This game has an 8-player competitive multiplayer where you and your friends can compete against each other in races. You can even compete against the ghosts of yourself as well as friends ghosts. This game will be free until the 16th of August.

On the 16th of August Dishonored (Normally US$19.99) will become free for Xbox Gold users. In Dishonored you get to play as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. This game has a flexible play style that allows you to chose to fight all who come your way or play in the shadows and not fight a single foe. The outcome of the game is also reflected in the play style that you choose to adopt.

Xbox 360 Games With Gold August

For the Xbox One the titles will be available across all of August. One of the free games is one of the Xbox One release titles, Crimson Dragon (Normally US$19.99). Crimson Dragon is an on rails shooter where you control a mighty dragon and take to the skies. You can also fight with up to three of your friends in a co-op battle. The game offers 6 dragons that level up as your progress and boasts an impressive soundtrack.

The final Games With Gold offer this month is Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut (Normally US$19.99). In Strike Suit Zero you command the Strike Suit, an advanced space armor, as you pilot it during dangerous fights. The part you play in these fights isn’t as the centerpiece though as you will see other large spaceships doing battle, you have your own missions to accomplish within the fight. This was the first game to be a part of the [email protected] program as well as getting it’s origins from a kickstarter. The Directors Cut has additional features from the original such as a next-gen graphical upheaval, new missions and new ships.

Xbox One Games With Gold August

Games with Gold August will begin on the 1st of August but until then the Games With Gold July games are still available, they are currently Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood for the Xbox One and Battle Block Theater for the Xbox 360.

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