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A judge on The Game Awards panel tweeted last night about his happiness that Bayonetta 2 did not win Game of the Year, and that he would have had to quit had it won.

Lou Kesten

Every judge has their personal tastes, but blatantly disliking of the game, or any game, may lead some gamers to wonder what the voting process had been like, and if the game stood a chance. Bayonetta 2, like Bayonetta 1, arrived this year within a controversial debate on her sexual imagery and place in the female gaming representation space. Some reviews even factored her sexuality into the final score.

The full list of judges can be seen here.

Kesten’s tweet can be seen here.

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  • Topgeartony

    Shame he didn’t quit.

  • Wonderkarp

    I’m not going to hate on this guy for hating Bayonetta 2. This is one single guy voting. I’m pretty sure there were some people voting in the oscars the year Forrest Gump won that said “I Dont like Shawshank Redemption”. Course this guy saying he would have quit doesnt help.

    Its the same bias shown that had some films not win awards, and it doesnt take away from the others. You dont need an award to be a good game.

  • Azure

    Still the better question is should Dragon Age have won? I do not think it was given enough time to be called game of the year after being released around 2 and a half weeks before the awards. Not to mention can it be considered game of the year when there is a micro-transaction scam attached?

  • King of Zeroes

    I’ve heard mixed reviews for Inquisition. I’ve heard nothing but praise for Bayonetta 2.

    Considering this, I’m obviously skeptical of that outcome.

  • ArsCortica

    Considering at least some of the judges are/were on the GJP and expressed an open dislike for #GamerGate, this should hardly comes as a surprise.

  • A Hyena

    I havn’t played it yet, so I don’t have any strong opinions one way or the other about the game itself, but it does seem a bit odd to me that it won game of the year when it’s only been out for 2 and a half weeks :v

  • Starwarsfan777

    That’s what you get for watching an awards show in such a massively corrupt industry. No doubt EA, of worst company in America two years in a row fame, paid for their game Dragon age: die cis scum to win.

  • Mario

    It’s sad really, Bayo 2 is my GOTY – I have no problems DA:I winning. Bayo being nominated is enough for me but “judges” like this should never be in a position to award GOTY. If he has an opinion “DA:I is the best game out of all nominees” that’s fine but it’s pretty biased to quit your job over Bayo 2 winning GOTY in an award show where you are the judge. This just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and leaves an impression of things being skewed against Bayo and Platinum.

  • Thomas Nelson

    As a person that was a fan of the Dragon Age franchise and has just short of 70 hours in Inquisition I can promise you that it isn’t deserving of Game of the Year.

  • PmcC

    Look on metacritic a lot of people gave the game a zero but I think I was looking at the PC version and games sites the usual praise that they gave to DA 2.

  • Thomas Nelson

    The PC version has an assortment of problems but mainly broken controls are the issue.

  • King of Zeroes

    I will likely never play it, because I was one of the unfortunates who picked up Dragon Age 2.

    Can’t do any worse than that, but my faith in the series was utterly obliterated by it regardless.

  • PmcC

    Yeah that was some of the comments made by people, another was that game wouldn’t.

  • PmcC


  • Etherblaze
  • Mitchell Pollock

    It’s only been out weeks, how can it be game of the year. We’ve had games like Alien Isolation successfully reboot a damaged franchise, and they ignore them. Mario kart won best racing game FFS. lol
    It’s their right to score games they like, but this looks quite blatant with the overlap of names from the judges panel and the GJP list. Lou Kesten being chief among them…

  • Chicago_Joe_GG

    The game of the year is Smash Bros. Idgaf what some award show says.

  • Reptile

    “It’s their right to score games they like”
    Yeah, “like”.
    I always have doubts about game awards, Oscar, indie shitawards and so.
    I don’t trust some random pseudo-intellectuals that can be easily (and chances are high) corrupted to judge what is “Best”.

  • Olympion

    So this is our GOTY, huh?

  • Megamatics

    Now the careless thing that this person said casts a shadow over all of the judging in the event that was carried out by the judges. How do we know if the other judges were not Biased against the game ?

  • Thomas Nelson

    Sera drops a lot of the nonsensical speak once back at camp but from my experience most of the party members are one-dimensional, listless. People lost it over Dragon Age II but Inquisition is like an even staler but visually pleasing version.

  • Cylux

    Jesus, I wasn’t keen on picking up DA:I before due to the fiasco that was DA:2, but any lingering curiosity I had was brutally killed by that short clip.

  • Olympion

    Indeed, the Anti-Bayonetta 2 bias doesn’t even have anything to do with how good of a game it is, it’s all about mysoggyknee!

  • Arbitrary

    I rarely play the kind of ego-wanking brawler-nonsense that is Bayonetta, but I’m half-tempted to buy it just to spite this idiot.

  • Fenrir Posorski

    It is LIGHT YEARS better than Dragon Age 2. Waaaaaaaaaay improved, almost an apology for how bad 2 was.

    Here, if this doesn’t convenience you to give it a thought, nothing will. Dragon Age Inquisition, makes me willing to forgive Bioware for the ending of Mass Effect 3.

  • Dehydration


  • Jeb Rothberg

    people like this have no place being judges on awards shows or anything like that. they need to stay on their fringe websites like kotaku and leave the rest of us alone with their authoritarian policial agenda and bias. i hope geoff keighley can make these adjustments for the next show.

  • Guest

    Ego wanking?

  • Greg Nieto

    Noobs shitting up everything…

  • luxia

    It was nominated probably around the time it barely came out so No I dont think it should have been in the running

  • Guest

    Gaming is so depressing these days

  • NorBdelta

    Anti- #GamerGate keeps on becoming more and more totalitarian by the day. Quite troubling. And all under the guise of doing good for the betterment of society.

  • R.J.

    Bloody hell… That’s not fake? What a fool.

    Silver lining: Nintendo had clearly invested a lot in this show, yet this dumbass was still allowed to judge.

    (Disclosure, I guess. Haven’t played either Bayonetta or Inquisition. I would buy the former if I had the system, and I’m getting the latter after a GPU upgrade – don’t care that it got the award).

  • Twilights_Bard

    The problem I had with it was that the game came out, probably a week or two before the voting was done and handed in. Probably closer to a week. They really need to set a cut-off date so big games that literally just come out don’t have an advantage of being fresh in people’s minds from a review.

  • Yannis Nikolouzos

    Puritans should do well to stay away from video games.

  • So based on those tweets he was openly biased BEFORE the event? Looks like the organisers of these events are going to have to start selecting judges and panellists for these things like Courts do Jury’s and vet them (if at least just for the sake of minimising blowback!).

  • Michael

    I spotted 2 women in that list of 28 judges. Maybe he is just afraid of strong women…

  • GamerActually

    Nope, definitely no corruption or ethical issues here. Oh that blatant admission to the contrary? Move along, citizens. Nothing to see here.

  • 2501

    How is this guy a judge?

  • O Sombra

    The guy talks like an amateur. That’s why games aren’t respected, we have kids running the thing.

  • Tanis

    I’m getting really tired of dudes deciding whether or not something is “empowering” for women. Why, exactly, do you get to decide?

  • Viredae

    Really makes you realize that these SJWs are probably the most sexist and racist bunch in the whole GG scape.

  • A Hyena

    I counted about a total of 9 people in the list that weren’t just some white guy :v

  • Tanis

    They really are. Like that newest femfreq video that just has a bunch of guys condescending to other men while simultaneously telling everyone about how ~awful~ it is to be a woman. I wanted to punch them all.

  • Psichaos

    Calling it now: DA:I only won Game of the Year because the judges felt it was “progressive” by having a token homosexual character. Remember, a good chunk of these judges don’t even think games should be about fun.

  • Kibrom Fesseha

    Fucking Casuals….

  • Bryan Heraghty

    I’m bothered by the lack of respect for the fans of a game he is judging. Enjoy the game or don’t, but there is no need for a tweet like this when so many people wanted the game to get more recognition than it got on release.

  • Lemon

    WOW – he is an AP writer – so much for objective reporting…

  • Parrikle

    I’m lost on this. What is judging if not a process by which you decide which game you like the most, and, potentially, the least? Isn’t judging about having an opinion?

    It would have been bias if the judge decided on something other than his feelings about the game (such as not liking the developer, or having an issue with one of the programmers), but otherwise it looks like the normal judging process.

  • I P

    they love to ignore the fact that Bayo is by all accounts a female power fantasy – even the character is designed by a woman.

    but it was a Japanese woman, so she doesn’t count since she’s not white.

  • I P

    well, most of the judges are GameJournoPros alumni, so it shouldn’t take much to figure out.

  • DoombotBL

    Bayonetta got ripped off by a 17 day old game with mixed reception. NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL

  • Mr. LHD6

    Shit, that is really saying something!

  • Mr. LHD6

    I don’t think that EA deserved that “worst company” award in all honesty. They were probably one of the least evil companies on that list.

  • Mr. LHD6

    Jeez, that character is a medieval feminazi.

  • Elilla Shadowheart

    Wait until they figure out that some of the top eroge artists, and hentai game developers are female.

    Heads will explode.

  • ZURATAMA1324

    Dragon Age?
    Was that game any good?

  • Jake Martinez

    “visually pleasing”. That elf looks like she got smacked in the face a dozen times with the ugly stick. Maybe it’s shallow of me but I don’t feel like dropping 80 dollars (AU prices) for being subjected to having to puppet elves inflicted with some sort of downs syndrome.

  • dsadsada

    Man was I surprised to find that out. Moreso when I learned Xration was one of them.

  • dsadsada

    It’s really strange how they can’t understand that there could even be a single woman whose idea of a power fantasy is something that appeals to men like Bayonetta. It’s not like there are men whose power fantasies end up appealing to women as well such as handsome faces, flowing hair, and chiseled pecs.

    Frankly, I’d love to hear what women’s power fantasies are.

  • Guest

    Precisely. Childish, power fantasy ego-wanking. This utter immature nonsense where you’re placed all alone against an outnumbering enemy that you of course easily dispatch because you’re just SO COOL AND TOUGH AND STRONG OMG.

    Lonely, childish ego-wanking. And I hate it.

  • Colton

    Lou Kesten said that he’s allegedly open to debate via his twitter, yet he forgot the first rule of debate is to not reveal your bias and he did just that. The fact is, he should not have been able to vote if this is how he reveals his credibility as a biased voter. And I will gladly debate him on feminism. I took women’s studies and feminist theory-I will own him.

  • Guest

    Why was my comment deleted? It was hardly offensive to point out that Lou Kesten revealed his bias before voting and that he shouldn’t have been a judge.

  • Luministrus

    He actually said something different in response to someone asking him why he didn’t like it.

    “It’s more the puerile, trying-SO-HARD-to-be edgy ‘comedy’ that wore me out. Wasn’t offended by it, just found it dumb.”

  • TeLin特林

    @TopcatsLair It's more the puerile, trying-SO-HARD-to-be edgy 'comedy' that wore me out. Wasn't offended by it, just found it dumb.— Lou Kesten (@lkesten) December 6, 2014


    He’s trying to say it had NOTHING to do with sexuality, Riiigh…right.

  • JakeGear3rd

    It sound like you just hate fun. And if you think Bayonetta is easy, you’re in for a surprise.

  • Reyeko

    the fact that they won while being one of the least evil companies on the list shows just how anti-consumer they are.
    Others might be anti-environment or anti whatever but the consumer is who voted not the environment and EA turned up as the winner of that illustrious award.

  • Jeb Rothberg

    people like this should not be on any judge panel. he has a clear political activist agenda.

  • DasJT

    Bayo 2 deserved to win game of the year.

  • Arbitrary

    If your idea of “fun” is based around mental masturbation, I’m not sure of what to say to you.

    Nor of the bizarre implication that something being difficult = quality.

  • Mr. LHD6

    Sure, but there were companies that were even more anti-consumer on that list. I think a large amount of people who voted on the award were not fully aware of the sins that these other companies have done to humanity and to the average individual.

  • goats

    You gotta remember though, if any of the actually evil companies had been nominated, they wouldn’t give a shit.
    EA floundered around trying to win back trust and shit was funny to watch.

  • Fox

    Ain’t Twitter great? Can’t complain about quotes being taken out of context when you can’t be arsed to contextualize your words in the first place.

    Language skills, people: they matter.

  • ArsCortica

    Every time I see that face, I can not help but silently utter “GET OUT OF MAH SWAMP!”

  • 3Rton

    Why does anyone get to decide it?

    Women can talk about being women but let’s be honest: there is about as many ways to be woman as there are women.


  • 3Rton

    You haven’t looked if you’ve only heard praise of Bayonetta 2.

  • King of Zeroes

    I watch a streamer who doesn’t like Bayo 2, actually.

    But his criticism basically boils down to “it’s not as good as Bayo 1.”

    Which… yeah, it’s not. Still amazing though.