If you’re looking to game on a budget this weekend, there’s a heck of a good free weekend going on right now!

First up is Fractured SpaceThis team-based space shooter lets players control massive ships in 5 v 5 battles. Not only is the game free this weekend, but it will be permanently added to your account if you grab it before 10AM PST on February 1st! The DLC upgrade packs aren’t free, sadly, but they’re discounted at 50% off.

Next up is Sunless SeaThis game is getting an update to coincide with the free weekend. “The Rose Market” appears at irregular intervals in London and allows players to sell some otherwise less valuable loot for better prices as well as partake in an item-trading with islanders for better profits. Sunless Sea is also finally getting Steam Trading Cards and Badges.

The Ship is a bit of an older entry for the free weekend. The game is currently 66% off, and owners of The Ship will get a 25% discount on the upcoming game The Ship: Remastered. The Ship is a PvP game set on a ship – no surprise there, given the title – where players attempt to assassinate specific targets in creative ways without being caught by ship’s security.

Lastly, we have Star CitizenStar Citizen is the highly-anticipated space shooter from Chris Roberts, and for this free weekend it will be available for anyone to play. Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.2, Arena Commander, and the Social Module will be available to anyone who creates an account for the game. The Star Citizen Free Play event is running for about a week, but hey, it’s free and on the weekend so it still counts!

What do you think of the games being offered for free this weekend? Are you going to be grabbing them, or are you going to be too occupied playing something else with your precious free time? Let us know in the comments below!

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