11 Bit Studio’s winter-y city builder/social engineering simulator Frostpunk is getting a free Endless Mode update, which is available to owners of the base game.

Frostpunk is a city building game that poses the challenges of surviving in an unforgiving frozen world. With more of an emphasis on keeping your people healthy and happy, Frostpunk brings new life to the genre with its unique spin. It executes its interesting ideas effectively.

The expansion was teased during the game’s original roadmap, but development started after the community took hold of the idea following the game’s launch in April.

“Forged over months at 11 bit studios, it soon goes live and introduces two styles of endless play: “Serenity” for the constructors who enjoy growing the city at their own pace without hard challenges, and “Endurance” for survivalists looking to earn their stripes and see how long they’re able to live in the harsh cold world of Frostpunk.”

Both modes introduce new buildings to enrich the city’s architecture, including an Archives building that enables players to store lore and information in a single area. There are also new sites to be discovered in the frostland and new random events that may confront you with previously unknown challenges.

Check out the developer diary for Endless Mode below.

This adds yet another way to experience Frostpunk, a game which already has a lot of different ways to approach the content.

Endless Mode is now available for players who already own the game on Steam, GoG, or the Windows Store.

Check out our review of Frostpunk, which called it a “unique take on the genre”. We also looked at 11-bit studios created Frostpunk back in April of this year.

What do you think? Will you be checking out Endless Mode? If so, will it be Endurance or Serenity mode? Let us know in the comments!

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