Following an announcement just a couple of days ago, the Fortnitemares patch for Fortnite is now live.

One of the most evident changes in the 1.8 patch for Fortnite is the overhaul of the UI. Icons and menus have been prettied up in both the Save The World and Battle Royale game modes. The icons for schematics, items, and more are visually crisper and easier to distinguish. Certain cards (such as heroes) will have animated backgrounds in some situations.

The main event in PvE right now is Fortnitemares, a spooky themed adventure that brings with it Halloween-themed enemies, heroes, and weapons. Players can have a go at the Trap The Storm mission where they use traps to reinforce an existing building and hold their ground. They’ll be helped along by the Floor Freezing Trap (which, unsurprisingly, is placed on the floor and freezes enemies) and the Ceiling Drop Trap (which drops a bunch of bouncy tires on the baddies). You’ll need them – the Vampire Taker is a bit tougher than the regular one since it has the ability to leech life and doesn’t show up on the radar. You’ll have a grand total of 36 story quests to work your way through.

The game’s daily rewards have been improved, and in the spirit of fairness and generosity, Epic Games have retroactively given players anything they might have missed. (I personally logged in to a dozen different llamas on my loot screen.) This should give players a great kick start for getting the new event llamas which cost 500 Candy apiece; standard llamas drop 100 Candy each.

Another big PVE fix is improvements to the Defenders system. Defenders can now be summoned with their choice of weapon and ammo straight from the Defender screen, and players can still drop a weapon and ammo the old way if they feel the situation necessitates a different choice of loadout.

Fortnite Fortnitemares Battle Royale New Menu

One of the big changes in the Fortnitemares update is the addition of character customization to the Battle Royale gameplay mode. Fortnite PVP just got a bit flashier.

As for Battle Royale, the Fortnitemares update has brought along a bunch of new features for players of all stripes. Your character, banner, and cosmetics can be equipped in a new Locker menu. Speaking of cosmetics, time-limited Halloween skins are in the store until November 4, 2017 – if you want to get a bit spooky while you’re headshotting your foes, you’ve got a couple of weeks to muster up the V-Bucks.

A new item called Slurp Juice has been added which regenerates health and shields at 1 point per second for 25 seconds. Voice chat is now enabled for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions of the game, and players will automatically pick up any resources or ammo on the ground near them rather than having to mash the appropriate button.

This is by no means an all-inclusive list of the changes – this patch is a big one that has overhauled many aspects of the game. Be sure to check out the patch notes for all the details, and if you don’t already own Fortnite you can get it on sale at Green Man Gaming for 40% off [Affiliate Link].

What do you think of the changes made to Fortnite in the Fortnitemares Update? Do you like the way they’ve cleaned up the UI or did you prefer the old one? What changes would you like to see in the game next? Let us know in the comments below!

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