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Tonight is the big night, are you excited? The brightest stars in all of Hyrule are all out. Gather around the computer with a bottle of wine and kick back, because here at Techraptor we’ve got  you covered with all the up to date info on the big winners and the sore losers.  So without further ado let’s hand out some platinum.

princess peach


samus aran




smash bros




Nintendo was in the midst of preparing an “In Memoriam” segment for SEGA of America when Sonic ran into the room and reminded them that Sonic Runners already has a website.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Jose Alvarado

Jose is a fan of all things horror and sci-fi related. He's played Sonic The Hedgehog 2 more than any other game in existence, but has never managed to collect all the chaos emeralds

  • hots

    ehhhh this is clickbait. This is neither official Nintendo nor do these pointless awards have anything to do with Nintendo or their characters.
    Techraptor doesn’t even report on movies! (unless you can link me an article where it has)

  • This actually came through a press release that was sent to us by Nintendo’s PR company. We thought it was fun and interesting and just wanted to share.

  • Typical

    Need a little better editing “it’s” is a contraction for it is. possessive form is its. I see a lot of grammar mistakes, and not that I am one that feels the need to correct people’s grammar all the time, but it should be a little tighter as you guys are gaining legitimacy as a news site rather than someone’s blog. No offense intended.

  • hots

    Either way you can’t deny that the title and content would be right at home on Buzzfeed.
    Tagging this article as news is pretty daring too.