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Internet phenomenon Five Nights At Freddie’s has been licensed to be produced as a feature length film by Warner Brothers, says Hollywood Reporter.

The abnormally popular series of tense button-clicking games has already produced scads of Youtube money for every Let’s Player known to man, and will see the animatronic terrors which proved so virally explosive online brought to the big screen. If you haven’t already been exposed to what must be the most well-hyped high-tension button pressing since the Cold War, each of the three FNAF games takes place in an evil pizzeria, increasing in squalor as the timeline progresses. The gameplay consists of periodically, almost ritualistically, checking a series of monitors or other distractions to try and delay your semi-random death at the hands of Freddy and his coterie of animatronic friends.

A movie based around the series will likely eschew this aspect of the gameplay, since a solid hour of intermittent jumpscares is unlikely to gross well at the box office, but wonders do yet spring eternal. Likely, the film will focus on the mythos surrounding the setting, normally accessible only through an obscure series of minigames scattered nigh-invisibly through the third installment. Despite the fact that these scraps of storyline are barely reachable, forthcoming only at the end of the three games, and unclear at best, Freddy Fans maintain that the games provide an unmatchably atmospheric and terrifying experience interwoven with a compellingly tragic story. Since the writers for the screenplay are yet to be determined, none can say how the narrative will be handled. Fans will doubtlessly be happy to hear that series creator Scott Cawthon will be kept on as a consultant, so that the movie ties in with existing lore.

As of press time, there is no word as to whether the film will include a shrieking facecam in one corner, to recreate the authentic FNAF experience.

Gene Marsh

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  • Pink Sock

    u wot m8 is dis fo real yo?

  • Closet Pankin

    The end is nigh.

  • ultrabot

    Gotta move that gravy train away from Angry Birds.

  • reaxxionrj

    Cannot wait!

  • Viredae

    Watch as they make a found footage movie a la “paranormal activity” where they DO use the game’s original premise.

    Considering that the game was a distillation of found footage movies in game form, I can’t wait for The game based on the movie based on the game based on the movies.

  • Reptile

    I wonder how it will look with a classification of probably PG or PG-13 max.

  • ArsCortica

    At this point, they have to get Uwe Boll to direct this. They have to.

  • the red army

    holy shit… please be rated r

  • Raziel Barkrai

    Gotta get in while there’s still money to be made.

  • Gene M

    Freddie Vs. Jason

  • ArsCortica

    But think of the cheese – all the cringeworthy cheese!

  • Bea

    Why? Why would you say such at thing? Oh god I can’t stop thinking of how badly that would turn out. I am actually fighting back the vomit rising in my throat that’s how messed up that is.