2016 seems to be already big for arena shooters (or ‘hero shooters’ if you like that term better). Overwatch and Battleborn have been recently released, Paladins’ beta is in full force and now Nexon America announced that Lawbreakers will see its first Closed Alpha version really soon.

For those of you unaware, Lawbreakers is an arena first person shooter developed by Boss Key Productions that follows the current trend of multiplayer shooters to have a gameplay that revolves around the characters’ abilities rather than their loadout. Lawbreakers adds a twist to the genre by giving a more gritty and realistic appeal to the game than its competitors that have a more cartoony and colorful art style. It also differentiates itself in its gameplay that makes heavy use of vertical movement and a level design aimed to encourage this aspect of the game.

The first Closed Alpha tests will happen in mid-June, with specific dates and modalities to be revealed by Cliff Bleszinski in a live stream Monday, June 13th during the PC Gaming Show. Leading up to the event, some selected Twitch streamers will be playing LawBreakers during June 6 and June 8. They will fight each other in the Grandview map. The selected streamers are:

● Lirik
● ActiBunniFooFoo
● GoldGlove
● JackFrags
● Ellohime
● Melonie Mac
● Ms. Vixen
● Level Cap
● Matimi0
● EdEMonster
● TripleWreck
● Sattelizer Games
● BroBQ
● Darkness 429
● TimtheTatMan
● MissesMae
● Sp00nerism
● Lindsay Elyse

If you’re interested in trying out the game in its Alpha state, registrations are still open to the official site. The game is supposed to be in alpha for at least this summer, with new waves of invites to be sent the more the tests proceed in order to stress test the game servers.

Are you interested in Lawbreakers? Will you register to take part in the closed Alpha? Will you follow the sponsored streams? Let us know in the comments below.

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