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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 made a big splash on the video game industry when it was revealed last year, for various reasons. When it was eventually detailed that the game wouldn’t officially be coming west, with Koei Tecmo aiming for an Asia-only release … needless to say, things ended up blowing up rather quickly. Hong Kong-based import site Play-Asia took advantage of the news to push the fact that they would be selling an English Asian release of the game, taking an especially aggressive advertising stance that even had the site including giant stickers advertising the game in all of their orders going forward until the game’s launch.

Another thing Play-Asia ended up doing was asking their followers about which sites that they should sent “review copies” of DOAX3 to. TechRaptor was one of the sites that Play-Asia reached out to about sending a copy. For the last few days I’ve been sitting down and trying to really get an idea of what sort of game Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is, streaming the game on my personal Twitch channel and really digesting what Koei Tecmo went for when they decided to make this game.

By now I’ve got my first impressions down pat; I’m almost ready to start writing up my full review for the title as well. Today we’ve got a video outlining some of my first impressions of the title, including a bunch of gameplay captured directly from my PS4. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is a game like nothing else I’ve played this year … that’s not to say it’s the best game I’ve played within the last 12 months, but it’s definitely different. DOAX3 focuses on its fanservice above anything else, and it might be easy to dismiss the game as missing content (which might be fair to an extent) and miss the fact that the game actually is filled with content for the target audience that would want to play the game.

Whether it’s playing a bunch of resort games or taking photos of any of the game’s girls in all sorts of situations … Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is pretty different from anything else that has released this year, for better or worse. Enjoy the video!

James Galizio

Staff Writer

I'm a writer for TechRaptor, and an aspiring indie dev; technology and games in particular have been my passion my whole life, and to contribute to the industry has been my dream. If I'm not writing or working on other work, you can almost always find me playing some sort of game!

  • Nathaniel Plain

    My Asia release has shipped from Play-Asia, but it will likely be another week before I get it since I used Economy shipping from Singapore. Personally, I can’t wait to play the game, but not enough to pay extra for the shipping.

  • GrimFate

    Butt physics too?! This game has everything!

  • Dindu Nuffin

    Disclaimer: This is not aimed at this article’s writer in any way:

    I am SICK AND TIRED of Americans trying to force their juvenile sex-negative prudishness onto the rest of the world.

    Ultra violence? PERFECTLY ok in everything, from tv to games. But a titty?!? WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

    The same children watching 24 or playing CoD?

    I’m not accusing the entirety of America here since some of the Americans I do know are also annoyed at the over-moralising that’s happening there.

    It’s just a stupid game with wobbly tits that people can perv over. There’s no HARM being done to anyone. Hentai is a THING. Furfags are a THING.

    I’m not into either of that shit but I wouldn’t for a fucking SECOND look down my nose at them for liking it. I played Lula: The Sexy Empire back in the day for fuck’s sake!

    As to whether this game is shit (gameplay-wise) or not I can’t comment. But the sheer prudish schadenfreude that some American writers are having destroying this game is quite frankly astonishingly creepy.

    Disclaimer: This is not aimed at this article’s writer in any way.

  • Marblelin

    Looking forward to playing it! I don’t expect a deep game, but more of something to relax to.

  • webkilla

    the jiggle is real

  • Mark Andrew Edwards

    Interactive softcore porn? Damn you, PS4 exclusive!!!

  • Burst Limit

    I know exactly what your talking about an maybe the article in particular that was writing as a joke/funny a friend of the reviews words not mine.

  • Burst Limit

    Appreciate you giving the game a fair shake not sure if you played previous titles but never the less thanks for giving a fair review without trying to demonize the audience that would like a title this.

  • Burst Limit

    Disappointed about the lack of some modes but i only played the original.

  • Litleo

    It’s also available in Vita and possibly PS:VR when it gets released as well!