Developer Square Enix is doing a great job at making Final Fantasy XV the standard for “games as a service”.  In a recent community message from the games director Hajime Tabata, it was revealed that alongside a free PC demo of chapter 1 (similar to the original 2015 Episode Duscae Demo), the long-awaited Steam port will receive one of the most unexpected collaborations in video games, a Half-Life Gordon Freeman costume, and his iconic crowbar weapon. The skin and weapon will be available in the Steam Workshop for all early adopters of the game and will be usable in both the main game and the multiplayer DLC mode “Comrades”.  Since this skin has direct ties to the Steam Workshop, it’s safe to say that it won’t be showing up on the PS4/XboxOne editions anytime soon.

In additional news, the PC version of Final Fantasy XV will come in two sizes, HD and 4k, and will range from 100-155GB in size as well as not using the DRM Denuvo. You can currently test out the game to your PC specs with the official benchmark tool but be warned, there might be some light spoilers.

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Check out that 4k Bokeh!

While the main focus for the game is around its robust PC port and the upcoming release of the Royal Edition, Square Enix director and FFXV spokes person Hajime Tabata also announced the much anticipated second season of DLC that will continue into 2019 in an interview with dengekionline. Similar to the initial release this new year will include 4 expandable chapters following the adventures of various characters from the series. No word on if any of these will directly involve the boys from the main game, but a much rumored (and needed) backstory on the game’s antagonist Ardyn Izunia is suspected to be one of the 4 upcoming entries.

For the time being, you can check out the massive amount of new content coming with the March 6th release of Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Royal Edition includes all of the “year one” content as well as new editions such as a massive update to the multiplayer expansion Comrades, a boat, new costumes and dungeons, as well as some previously unreleased end game story beats, and an 8k version on the PC as part of the PC Edition. If you’re coming into the (never-ending) game now or want to give it a second shot after its less than stellar release back in 2016, Royal Edition is worth checking out.

Or you could play the exceptional mobile game Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, or the totally not Clash of Clans game “Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire“, or you can play the game Noctus and friends play every time you camp at a trailer park, “Kings Knight: Wrath Of The Dragon“, which is also receiving a substantial Final Fantasy XV update.

What do you think of Final Fantasy XV‘s constant stream of free and paid content? Does the game finally feel complete to you? Will you be playing this on steam? Will you be eating a healthy cup of noodles tonight? Let us know in the comments below! 

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