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A new crowdfunding site, geared specifically towards games, has hit the Internet, created by indie game veterans Tim Schafer, Brian Fargo, Feargus Urquhart, and Double Fine’s former COO (now Fig CEO) Justin Bailey. Fig promises to help developers create better games.

How does it differ from sites like Kickstarter? Fig plans to allow fans not only help fund games with reward tiers, like early access to the game, but also through investment. That means fans have the opportunity to see returns on the net revenue of whatever game they want to invest in.

So then, how can you be an investor? First, you must be an Accredited Investor (info on what that is and how to become one here). If you are one, you can then invest in a project. However, at minimum you must invest $1000, with a maximum set for each specific game. If you’re not an Accredited Investor, Fig says you should be able to invest sometime in the future. For more questions on investment with Fig, check out here.

Right now, Fig plans to only host two campaigns per month, however that may change in the future. Campaigns will be determined through an application/pitch process that is overseen by staff and the advisory board, featuring Aaron Isaksen, Co-president, AppAbove Games (co-Founder of Indie Fund, organizer of IndiCade, Chairman of IndieBox); Brian Fargo, CEO, InXile Entertainment (Wasteland, Fallout, Bard’s Tale); Feargus Urquhart, CEO, Obsidian Entertainment (Pillars of Eternity, Baldur’s Gate); and Tim Schafer, President and CEO, Double Fine Productions (Psychonauts, Broken Age, Brutal Legend). They will ultimately make the decision of what will be featured on Fig based on the pitch’s development plans (in other words, is it set up to potentially be a good game) and potential success in crowdfunding.

There will be no partial successes rewarded either as a campaign on Fig must reach its goal, of which both rewards-based and investment funds go toward, if it is to be awarded any funds. If it does reach its goal, Fig will charge a fee of 5% of the rewards-based funds. If it does not reach its goal, Fig will charge no fee.

Currently, Fig has a campaign going for Outer Wilds, which describes itself on Fig as, “Equal parts astrophysics simulation, narrative adventure, and backpacking in space, Outer Wilds is Majora’s Mask meets Apollo 13.” It is currently in Alpha and the most recent winner of the IGF Grand Prize. It is being developed by Mobius Digital. For more information on the project, check out the Fig page.

What do you think of Fig? Does the investment angle give it a good enough angle? How about the advisory team and pitching process? Will the higher level of quality assurance help ensure better projects reach campaign status?

Andrew Otton

Editor in Chief

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  • Cy

    Because Tim Schafer and any kind of money management just go so well together…

  • Robert Grosso

    Congrats…we now have what is basically corporate crowdfunding. We have come full circle.

    Interesting in concept, even if it is venture capitalism

  • Doc Hammer

    Wow. Clearly, they realized they could no longer defraud people on Kickstarter so they left to create a platform all their own that only the most gullible of saps would support. Bonus: now they can skim off the top of legitimate projects foolish enough to associate with them.

  • cptk

    If you’re an active investor do you get visibility on how the project is run and hold a vote with other shareholders?

  • Robert Grosso

    depends on the contract, but i believe so.

  • Garbagio Dumpsterino

    Hahaha yeah what the fuck

  • Smoky_the_Bear

    The fact that Schafer has so handily ballsed up his own attempts at crowdfunding/early access makes this absolutely laughable. The man is a joke. One can only think this will be used to encourage more of his brand of pretentious, “progressive” bullshit whilst also negating any need for these people to actually finish games before making money.

  • Caio Pontes

    Why Fargo and Feargus? Why would you partner up the scammer? Now you gotta carry the baggage.

  • Haze

    The idea is good.
    But having Shafer there is not a good sign, but I’d still want this to succeed because I like the idea.

  • mrwizeass

    Trusting Tim Schafer to manage your money? What could possibly go wrong?

  • Dr. Evil’s Brother’s Evil Twin

    Yeah Schafer shouldn’t be anywhere anything crowdfunding.

  • That was my very first thought upon reading the article.

    “Wait… Shafer? Like, the guy who didn’t make anything worthwhile for a really long time, then made a bunch of fundraising money for a game that wasn’t worth a $3.50 donation and started alienating the very fans whom had held him in such high regard? Someone thinks THAT guy should be in charge of other people’s money, even tangentially?”

    Not that the folks going in on this with him are any better, but still. Seems like a reeeaaaally bad idea.

  • Cytos Lpagtr

    this will flop

    cause shafTer

    he will spend the investment money on a gold and diamond encrusted iPhone to tweet about how the people who payed for his cellphone should be happier about him having a novelty piece of expensive trash


    Since investors get a cut of the profits in perpetuity, doesn’t that just add another layer of legal/financial complication to the whole thing? I’ll imagine that the minute Timmy fucks this up, the lawyers are going to come out of the woodwork in force.


    Kickstarter takes a cut of the donations, so this is Timmy’s way leaving out the middle man and insuring a much bigger piece of the action.

  • Flakk

    This could actually work out well. Fargo can guide developers in the fine art of shamelessly plundering classic franchises. Urquhart can ensure that the games contain absolutely no content whatsoever that might even remotely enrage the SJW crowd. Schafer can teach developers to stretch simple concepts into tiresome, episodic affairs that are high on pretension and low on gameplay. All they really need is to hire on Phil Fish as community manager so that he can viciously eviscerate Fig’s investors with a katana right before he inevitably falls on it.


    “Let’s trust Tim Schafer with our money”. Said no one ever.

  • Jesus Zamora

    So, what’s the first project this platform funds? Sock Puppet Adventures? Insulting the Audience Simulator?

  • cptk

    Thanks for the reply.

    While like others I’m sceptical of some of the personalities involved it does a lot more like investment and lot less like charity than it’s peers.

  • Ricardo Lima

    This won”t see a dime from me, crowdfunding its a risk and Tim Schaefer is untrustworth and a jackass.

  • Breezer

    Then he’s gonna hire DJ Fishsticks for his wrapup party that’ll take place a quarter way through development in a platinum encrusted safe space for the triggered

  • Typical

    Yeah, these guys are trustworthy to handle crowdfunded monies.

  • DrearierSpider

    Fargo and Urquhart are better than Schafer, they actually made very good games with the initial donations they received. Still, Tim’s involvement alone forces me to stay as far away from this as possible.

  • Dave The Sandman

    Which one of them is Tim’s sock puppet chum?

  • Salt Miner

    Hey Tim, what did you do with those 3.3 million dollars you asked for on Kickstater? Oh yeah, now I remember…

  • Fenrir007

    “Tim Schafer” and “Money management” go as well together as “Bengay” and “Balls of Steel”.

  • Saber

    Indeed, no way in hell I’m ever using Fig with him involved.

  • Bobbbbby5

    Isn’t that what World of Mass Development is for?
    Or was that only for Slight Mad Studios?