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Disclaimer: Please note due to recent circumstances I should include that the women represented in this piece (other than TechRaptor staff) do not reflect the views of TechRaptor and are not endorsed by this article.

Recently, Feminist Frequency, a non-profit feminist YouTube channel, released a video called “25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male.” The video which you can watch below, lists 25 things the author believes effect women in gaming, as read out by several notable men from the industry.

As a woman I found it hugely offensive. As someone who is meant to be the oppressed class, not only had I never experienced any of the things mentioned in the video, but it bothered me that a range of men would mansplain to me what I should be offended by. However, I do understand that I am just one woman and I wondered if I was alone in my outrage. So I took to Twitter to ask my female followers to weigh in with their thoughts. I included the first responses I received so you can see I was not cherry picking answers to fit with my own bias. However, it should be noted that those who follow me on Twitter will often enjoy my viewpoint.


Shameful. I really shouldn’t have watched it. It’s just a headache in video form. Oh, and repetitive. Some of those things listed were just rewordings of their previous statements.


I don’t like Mr. McIntosh telling me what it’s like to be a female gamer. I experience it first hand every day, thank you.


All nonsense. Nvr felt anything but welcome in ~30 yrs as a female gamer. Sick of being treat like a fragile snowflake TBH.


As far as the list itself goes, before I start I should say I’m a transwoman, my experience is not exactly the same as cis women. This [the video] seems really padded, repeatedly talking about not having gamer cred questioned or sexual harassment.

The padding ends up burying the con stuff. I don’t go (and would likely have a very different experience as I can’t pass for shit) but I hear some real horror stories from women who do (and if you’re gonna mention the gamer cred thing repeatedly, why not the idiocy surrounding cosplayers not being real geeks/gamers?). Seriously the groping stuff should be a centerpiece, and a shorter list would help highlight it.

You can read more here.


“We must save the delicate wimmins from the evil male gamers…the wimmins are so soft and make clubhouse smell nice”


It’s incredibly condescending to women. Men telling women how bad culture is for women is the essence of “mansplaining” I feel like the SJW men think I’m too dumb to understand what’s REALLY happening to me, so they have to explain it.


Why not address online behavior overall? Why divide it, like it’s different when toward a woman? I think people need to quit caring about what’s between the legs and start paying attention to what’s in the heart.

Kite Tales also made a satirical video on the subject:

And a few from my fellow lady writers at TechRaptor:


I felt the video was kinda derogatory and viewed what happens to some women to what happens to all women. It turns me as a female gamer into a victim, and I feel it also views men as benefiting from this somehow. As if men don’t have to deal with double standards in the gaming culture that some of us female gamers take for granted. Like not being told we are lesbian if we suck at a game, or otherwise sometimes getting free stuff simply because of our gender. It’s this weird Male = perpetrator/Women = Victim mentality, and it kinda hurts both sexes. It’s a very extremist viewpoint and it does not benefit women or men to exalt men as this godly pinnacle free from negative effects due to double standards. This form of separatist behavior is far from inclusionary.


Having a bunch of dudes telling people how hard women have it feels awfully condescending to BOTH sexes; they are talking down to men for being too stupid/blind to see their immense “privilege” and reinforcing the victimhood status of women. This is wildly offensive because I am not a victim, gaming is clearly not worse for me than for guys and I don’t need a bunch of random white knights telling me that I totally have it ~so terrible.~ Not only do they pass off this paternalistic fearmongering as helping, they then turn around and cry about  “issues” that only exist because there’s not enough women interested in the industry. Kinda hard to have more female gamers, devs and journalists when you’re here to tell us how awful it is for women!

There’s a lot of misinformation here too: Men get harassed more than women online (10% male, 6% female), they get harassed just as badly, they get groped at cons, they have their “nerd cred” tested, etc. There’s also this bizarre obsession with genders matching. It seems to say that women are completely unable, or unwilling, to accept anything that has a male main character or anything a male  journalist/dev/etc has to say. How many women are literally unable to relate to a character with a different gender? That just makes women sound like total sociopaths or something.

And lastly it asserts that sexism against men is taken deadly seriously which made me burst out laughing. Not only is this blatantly untrue, the video totally negates this point by not taking the shit men go through seriously in the least. It basically asserts that all of this is men’s fault and they have to fix it.

Thanks to all the ladies who took part.

What did you think of Feminist Frequency’s video?

Georgina Young


British girl, currently in Japan. Surviving on a diet of retro games. Worshiping the god that is the Sega Megadrive. I like Nintendo.

  • This entire thing is stupid not the article, the video its self. Went more than full McIntosh

  • Uranus
  • Ellen J Miller

    I rolled my eyes when I saw the video, and it left quite a bitter taste in my mouth. These are not the people I want speaking for me. I am not a victim, and gaming has made me feel more welcome and introduced me to more fantastic people than any other hobby I’ve partaken in.

  • Azure

    It pretty much confirmed for me that they are a total cult.

  • Topgeartony

    Fucking brilliant.

  • Dr Dub

    Only thing I will add is that if life for female gamers is so bad, why do so many male mmo players find it advantageous to masquerade as females with a female avatar….

    Do it myself, can’t use voice chat obviously but I’ve seen huge benefits and never had any trouble.

    Of course some women do have bad experiences with harassment just as some men do with bullying. Don’t want to take anything away from them but those are just isolated incidents and not a sign of a deeper more widespread problem.

  • realgamer07

    Fucking amazing.

  • Ørjan Kristoffersen

    That video feels extremely representative of Feminist Frequency’s entire body of work, to me.

    A metric fuck-ton of un-cited assertions, steeped in condescension and “Benevolent” sexism.

  • Kiltmanenator

    Thanks for also putting together a great list of other blogs to read 🙂

  • Bagel


  • chinatsu

    Great piece..

    I just question the use of the word ‘mansplain.’ To me it seems to be used to discredit arguments simply because they were made by men. I highly doubt the author would stoop to this oft-stooped to level, so I suggest perhaps putting the word in between quote marks to indicate the word isn’t held in high regard.

  • Mark Samenfink

    Oh cool, more Techraptor writers to follow.

    That being said, glad to see so much lucidity in regards to the fact that femfreq’s video is inherently sexist, and applies a collectivist narrative that can only truly speak to someone who holds absolutist, bigoted views.

  • Rambo-ler

    Thank you so much for this, is all I can say.

  • dasCameo

    I think that you can have first and second hand knowledge, some fields have only second hand knowledge (like history), and some weigh experience more. mansplain is (in the correct context) probably used to tell a man that he has no experience due to not being able to experience it, however if you can back up your arguments with carefully collected statistics and other forms of facts, experience becomes an option rather than a requirement, this is what we tend to forget.

  • Jeremy Corbeil

    This isn’t gaming related, but it is related to the topic. I have a friend who’s a server and told me of an instance where a bunch of 40 year old women he was serving would grope him every time he came to the table. He was disgusted by it and it made him feel immensely uncomfortable, but he just put up with it to get the tips. Also, I’m sure he felt as though men are just supposed to “suck up” that kind of harassment in general. After that, I basically felt that its complete bullshit that harassment is entirely a women’s issue. Sure alot of women are victims of it, but its a problem for men too. I agree with @Kite_Tales – lets work on reducing harassment for everyone.

  • drachnon

    My reply to Mr McIntosh’s 25th point would be [Citation needed]

  • Cap’n Catpants

    As an artist, game developer and generally decent human being, I’d like to once again express appreciation and respect for your efforts in ethically reporting these ongoing events. I’m sure my friends and associates feel the same way. Thanks, Georgina.

  • menschmaschine

    Here are two video responses if want to add them to the article:

  • Joseph Barrington

    A video compilation of each of you saying as much would be much more effective. The aGGros won’t be able to dismiss you as Sock Puppet Dudes.

  • Misogynerd

    It’s all Schrödinger people for these idiots. Contradictory portrayals of themselves and their enemies where they can prop up the most convenient one at the moment.

    The men in the “right side” (McIntosh’s side) are people who want equality for the genders. Yet they treat men like brutish idiots and women as lesser beings who need protection from the idiot men by people like McIntosh who needs to tell men how stupid they are to not realize their privilege.

    The men in the “wrong side” are dudebro rapists who chug beer, fart and play Call of Duty and treat women like lesser beings. While at the same time being anti-social sweaty anime nerds with no sense of hygiene who fear women because they’re stronger than them.

    The women in the “right side” are strong independent women… yet they’re victimized, in constant need of money, and need men to prop them up or the law to change so the poor women can finally be treated decently.

    The women in the “wrong side” are stupid women who hate themselves. Feminism apparently stands for equality and freedom of women, unless they dislike feminism or the core aspects of it. Again they’re so dumb they don’t realize what feminism brings to them and must be shamed until they accept what’s best for them

  • Nick

    I can see some of these being actual problems but in American society and have absolutely nothing to do with being a gamer. Other’s seem factually incorrect. And as always… citations please.

    If we go down the poor end of culture (hint this isn’t gaming culture) we see that male’s ridicule each other’s sexuality/sexual parts which seems to be at odds with #20 and #21 along with wanting details on ‘conquests’

    I’d be curious to see age demographics for people that commit the harassment (if it’s possible to even get that data).

    I’d also point out that culture is taught. It’s the parents job to teach kids, not the communities. Single moms are on the rise and make up for over 29% of households today. Stay at home moms have fallen since the 70s now only making up 29% from 41% (see US census data for 2008 and 2012). My implication is more that the current parenting model is to blame for young people being able to say nasty things online with no chance of parent interaction. I was exposed to limited amounts of this type of speech when I was younger, but always knew it was wrong. I didn’t need a parent standing over my shoulder anytime I went online to know you don’t harass others. I was bullied in school but I didn’t take that out on others online. There are a lot of papers written on how Physical environment is impactful in formation of a child, but I don’t see any of these types of things looked into. Realistically, every single male gamer has a mother and father that they initially learned how to treat women from.

    It’s not a community problem like the video tries to make it. And this is my biggest push-back on all these feminist type “you’re bad and wrong for being a white male gamer” type videos. They are trying to play a blame game and using the majority as a scapegoat on why culture is in their mind toxic. Lets all go ask a psychologist what happens when people start singling each other out as “the problem” even though they’ve never acted as a problem.

  • Wannabe_Baby

    I have to thank Lucy Walcott and Tanis (Cidsa) for their responses most. I’ve been harassed online, have felt that there are poor portrayals of male characters in games and I’ve had body image issues before. However, all the issues that have affected me are ignored, dismissed or trivialised by the Jonathan McIntoshes and Anita Sarkeesians of the world. “You’re trying to derail women’s issues”, I’m told. Or “it’s a male power fantasy”, concerning negative portrayals. Yet McIntosh is such a ludicrous self-parody that he claims sexism against men is taken seriously?

    People like this are so wrapped up their own bubble, so content with making women seem weak and victimised — which is so insulting I don’t know why more people aren’t calling them out on it — that just because they’ve never felt as if they’ve suffered sexism, they think it doesn’t exist. Thankfully, not everyone is the same way. I’m so grateful towards the women writing above for having enough objectivity to see sexism from all angles.

  • SirBittle

    Speaking purely from the perspective of a man, I felt a lot of the things they were saying came off as extremely pretentious. First of all, many points they tried to make to differentiate between the experience of men and women are completely unfounded. Men experience much of the same harassment that women do. Claiming otherwise means you are either ignorant of games themselves or intentionally misleading your audience to push an agenda. I’m guessing this video was a combination of both.

    Second of all, it feels like these twenty-five men are trying to explain to me, as a man, how I should and should not behave, like I need to be coddled into knowing it’s bad to harass anyone – men or women – and I need these brave, outspoken White Knights to tell me how it is.

    Feels to me this is just pushing the trope of women as perpetual victims. Feminist Frequency seems to have no interest whatsoever in promoting equality or empowering women. Rather, it’s a puritan, authoritarian effort to tell other people who to think, what art is and is not acceptable, and how disagreeing with her means you are little more than a misogynist. She may not be saying outright, “Ban this game!” But, she is outright saying, “This game is sexist!” thus marking the game, the developers, and even the fans, as being cohorts against women worldwide! This game is “problematic” – i.e. don’t play it, don’t buy it, don’t support it. All while smiling and saying how much she actually loves these games, despite that.

    Nice try, Anita “I Don’t Like Games” Sarkessian.

    Invoking genuine sexism at the end by McIntosh puts me on edge though. Something along the lines of, “this video will be taken more serious because it was by men than it would be by a woman”. Pure nonsense.

    I’d like to note that I love the idea criticism. Games as art deserve to be examined from different points of views. So, while I disagree with Anita (or more accruately, McIntosh), she can do as she will. However, I find it abhorrent that disagreeing with her means you are “guilty until proven guilty” of being sexist. This is paramount authoritarianism. “You’re either with us, or you’re against us.” No exceptions.

    Critics should be criticized just as well. Censoring thought (disabling comments, banning users, demonizing detractors, etc.) are all evidence of insecurity, in my opinion. What does that mean? I don’t know. As far as I’m concerned, if you can’t defend your views in an open forum, they’re not very good views to begin with.

  • Nick

    You never go Full McIntosh! Never!

  • Grakaron

    These writers? I’m not sure if I want to use this term, for that would equate their works to being relatable to Shakespeare need to pull their head from between their ass and see the light of day. This privilage test and oppression olympics needs to stop. You want diversity in video games, THEN MAKE A GAME THAT SELLS. All I ever get told by these people is I have white cis privilage, and cant see my privilage, I used to live on the streets, and I know a few people that still do, I would love to see them go out and tell them how their white privilage keeps them from fully experiencing the horrors of homelessness. Everytime these people talk I want to hit them across the face as I would an unruly child that is whining for candy and told no. These people have no sense of self or ability to see the world as anything other than a huge Oppression quest where for their true Utopia to come about they should themselves be oppressed in the end goal. Its like taking crazy pills watching them work.

    Welcome to the Free Market assholes, you want a better product? THEN MAKE A BETTER PRODUCT. Oh I’m sorry I forgot, that would take real work and you special snowflakes cant handle any sort of criticism. If you fail it wouldn’t be that your ideas and your methodology are shit. It have to be some kind of privilage oppression, cause you are just too amazing to accept that you’re garbage.

  • Darkside_Hero

    Kite_Tales is so awesome, I’ve never seen a person care more about gaming than her.

  • Alex

    Misguided women…. listen to #FullMcIntosh he will teach you how to woman!

  • Topgeartony

    “Nonprofit” my ass.

  • Benjamin Peters

    I’ve only recently discovered Kite_Tales and I love the videos I’ve seen from her so far. I ended up subscribing to her channel after only watching a couple. But her puppet video wasn’t very entertaining for me personally. Just didn’t strike me as very funny. But she has more than enough great content to make up for that!

  • Benjamin Peters

    “…this checklist will likely be taken more seriously than if it had been written by virtually any female gamer…”

    *Disables comments and like/dislike ratio.*

    Look at how he bravely stands by that statement.

  • Megamatics

    For me I didn’t care about what they were saying, I think they were throwing themselves under the bus by making that video. They’re obviously reading off of a prompter, and they obviously didn’t all share this opinion. I lost so much respect for Adam Sessler and Greg Miller because they revoked their right to think critically about what they were doing. I don’t trust either one of them with News Coverage or Reviews because they thought it was okay to read a predetermined statement to pass off an agenda. They’ve totally forgotten the people who got them to the popularity that they take for granted. Gamers Respect Adam because he was very outspoken about the political angle of Jack Thompson… Greg Miller said Beyond a lot. Most of all Adam Sessler doing something like this ruined my image of him, to me he deserves no respect.

  • Greg Nieto

    The one that bothered me was the most was that he claimed that the video would be taken more seriously because it was by a dude.

    No. A dude talking about how women are treated by gamer culture will NOT be taken seriously. It comes across as patronizing and silly.

  • Seyrena Selece

    Anita and Jonathan are not the voices I want representing me as a female gamer. I can use my own voice for that, thank you very much.

  • Michieie

    Sarks bitches because she doesn’t get free ammo when playing online, when she does it at all because it’s clear she knows jack shit about gaming.

  • Tanis

    You’re welcome 🙂
    Having been playing online since 1997-ish I’ve seen some shit, to say the least and it’s been my experience that men get it much harder in games than women do (a male friend of mine gets the most insane crap on a constant basis.)

    The constant boiling down of all of us into our sexes is offensive to me; not only is it nastily dismissive of men, it constantly shoves me into that category of “other.” Sure, they want us women to be the superior other but I don’t want that, I want to just be a person.

  • John

    WTF? Why Tim? Whyyyyyy????

    Edit: Fuck that video makes me mad. I feel like they’re just grasping at straws now, anything no matter how ridiculous and insignificant it is, as long as they can keep the conversation going. And what the fuck is the point of the video? That we should feel bad because we were born male? How is this shit not sexist?

    So men always have to feel guilty because we were born male, and we should look at women as this delicate thing that’s always get victimized & harassed because they are born female? In what world are these people living in?

    I swear to god these feminist just make women looks weak, pathetic and easily offended. I don’t get it man, i just don’t get it. If i was a women i would be furious.

  • CM Dubya

    Sooooo wouldn’t that video count as man-splaining by their definition? A bunch of dudes telling you how bad women have it?

    A bunch of…white dudes telling you how bad women have it….

    A bunch of straight white dudes telling you….


    n’OHMYGOD o_o


    It’s ironic that a white straight cisgender male born to wealthy parents is trying to tell women and minorities what to think and feel.

    “You’re all helpless victims that need me to show you how defenseless you are and how much you need me to be your saviour!”


    Samus wears more revealing Zero Suit in SSB WiiU: “OMG she’s practically naked!”

    Um, no. She’s wearing what a pro surfer or volleyball player would wear.

    Shulk wears swim trunks in SMMB WiiU: “No that’s not the same thing as Samus. It’s not sexual objectification, it’s a male power fantasy!”

    Since when do sane adults males fantasize about being a character that looks like a 13 year old bishie?

  • Guest

    Wasn’t the guy who was given the point about how most game studios being made up of men and featuring male protagonists is a “privilege” from that Campo Santos studio? Last time I checked they were making a game with a male protagonist and their studio was mostly men.

  • James Conroy

    Wasn’t the guy who was given the point about how most game studios being made up of men and featuring male protagonists is a “privilege” from that Campo Santos studio? Last time I checked they were making a game with a male protagonist and their studio was mostly men. Talk about throwing stones when living in a glass house

  • Camarouge

    Makes me wonder what J-Mac does in his spare time. Like if he just gathers a bunch of his SJW buddies who are all straight white men and says “I bet I hate myself the MOST for what I can do that women can’t!”

  • koyima

    thing is patronizing is the same and even though it has a huge indication of gender, the word in today’s world doesn’t carry the same connotations. Creating words based on gender, well isn’t very pro-equality and since already exists that has lost the gendered leaning through the ages why start again?

  • H. Guderian

    Yeah, this is just trying to set up a gender war. They want us to all be paranoid of each other’s invisible, unproven benefits. Everyone could have something. Always suspect each other of secretly being ‘in’ on some privilege. Fuck that, let’s just game.

  • Em

    People don’t like it when you try and speak for them, WHAT A SURPRISE!

  • Edward

    That first video. . . disturbing.

  • The thing that I find ridiculous about the list is how it claims men never have to deal with any of it. I’m a straight white dude, the perpetual villain of their narrative and I’ve dealt with a handful of those things before.

    I’ve had my gaming cred called into question through out my life (I bet he only plays Nintendo, oh he’s not PC master race only. Lol he doesn’t even know who “insert developer here” is.) as well as being insulted online and called a variety of slurs, especially sexual insults.

    All this video says to me is “look at what trolls say online, except they only say it to women! please protect our damsels and we need to stop being terrible men.” Same song and dance, anyone who plays games are scum except us beautiful SJWs.

  • SirBittle

    Another quick thought: For being so “invisible”, it’s pretty fascinating that these (mostly) white men are able to pick them out so easily. Almost like this is a script, and not reality!

  • ChaoticWin

    Not sure if this is mentioned somewhere already, but every single one of these guys, with the possible exception of King White Knight Himself, is obviously reading from a teleprompter or cue card (you can even see some of them moving their eyes back and forth across the lines). Wonder if these were all a bunch of hipsters/homeless/randoms walking down the street, and someone just offered to pay them a quick five bucks for “a little reading.”

  • dsadsada

    To be fair, Shakespeare loved them dick jokes.

    …wait, no. That only widens the gap.

  • Ms_Fortune

    Oh man what a video, cause if there’s one thing that makes me wet is a bunch of self hating men being ashamed of what situation they where born into.

    This is why I hate these people, they try to shame you for something you cannot control, you where born a man, you where born white, SO WHAT? None of us can decide who’s gonna be our family, what our life will be like, what financial issues your family might have growing up.

    It boils my fucking blood, fuck you for making people be ashamed of who they are.

  • Brad Sherard

    “It basically asserts that all of this is men’s fault and they have to fix it.”

    This is the heart of all the sexism in this country. Women are denied their self-agency. This is the foundation of all the second wave feminist patriarchy bullshit that has created these third wavers. They insist men are agents and women are objects. Men can only be aggressors or protectors, never victims. Women can only be victims. It is sick.

  • ghebert

    Feminists and their sjw allies spend more time pointing fingers at men and blaming “the patriarchy” that they completely ignore any of their own faults. Then again, they project so much they probably believe their own BS.

  • darksparda4

    I agree with everything in this post. What we need to do is stop categorizing ourselves by gender or race and just be gamers who enjoy games.

  • Sean Sullivan

    Okay I think it’s mostly wake call to guys. Obviously it’s not the same for all women, but many of the stated problems I have heard my geeky female friends complain about. So it’s not like it’s unjustified.

  • Lars Anderson

    That video gave me cancer of the mangina.

  • Alex Three

    I never felt like I shouldn’t key up in games until these SJWs went on full burn the last few months. Now I’m afraid the female gamer image has been tarnished.

    The way to have us seen as “gamers” instead of “female gamers” is to act fucking normal. If every bitch you meet is crazy you’ll assume they’re all crazy! So I always tried to just be a gamer and not make my gender a thing, because it doesn’t fucking matter. But now these bitches have ruined that, I feel embarrassed to be the same gender as them, and I don’t want to have to explain that I’m not like them. Yes, it’s sexist for someone to assume I am but it’s THE SJWs who are propagating a negative stereotype and giving everyone reason to think that all female gamers are crazy.

    Before they use this against us, I’d like to point out nobody has acted that way. It is my own “internalised misogyny” that is making me nervous to key up. Nobody really cares, I bet, but now I feel on the spot to prove myself more than before. Because all you read in gaming news this day is “another cunt acts awful!” and “whiteknight defends stupid bitch!”

    This video makes me ashamed to be the gender these tools are defending.

  • Fatherless

    We’re in a weird place when those that believe in female agency are labeled as the misogynists.

  • James Fox

    1 word, RUBBISH!

  • Wntrmt

    A group of men preaching to women about what their life experiences must be as women.

    Are these people just utterly idiotic, or purposefully the most vile, condescending sexists ever?

  • Ugh. That hurt my brain. They don’t represent my experience and I don’t see what they say as their privilege. People are just different and women also enjoy a lot of benefits as gamers. We are not victims.

  • Zzsz

    The first responders here seem to have forgotten – this was a woman telling a bunch of men what to say about women via teleprompter. The whole thing is a Gordian knot of sexism.

  • Sylveria Shini

    Oh did they disable the ratings? Originally they were on and it had an immense number of thumb downs. I think Thunderfoot did a video on it.

  • Fatherless

    Oh yes, protect our damsels – we need to end gender roles!

  • Fatherless


  • Benjamin Peters

    Apparently they turned it off once they realized how fucking idiotic it made them look. Because not only are they idiotic, they’re honorless cowards to boot.

  • Sylveria Shini

    Oh well, I’m sure there’s screenshots floating around of the white men not being taken seriously and being thumb-downed in to oblivion if the argument ever needs to be made.

  • Diogenes the Cynic

    The downvotes also completely disprove point 25 too. No regardless of your gender, if you say something moronic people will think you’re a moron.

  • dsadsada


  • Tanis

    Actually McIntosh himself wrote this a while ago; he just adapted it for this video.
    It’s pretty darn special.

  • rtdave

    There’s so much privilege to enjoy I’m just going to have to become a gamer! Why did those men look so miserable, they should be reveling in their superior status. I can’t wait, it’s going to transform my life, thank you Feminist Frequency for showing me the way.

  • Gregg Braddoch

    There is now a video with female gamers that worked off of that response:

  • Gregg Braddoch

    Not to mention it’s FullMcIntosh… people haven’t taken him seriously… ever.

    Kinda hard to take a dude seriously when he does math like this:

    Gaming Lingo:
    Fun = Power/Feeling Powerful = ViolenceToOthers

    (There is a quote of him saying this, albeit using a few more words)

  • Gregg Braddoch


    Funniest comment on this article. Day = Made.

  • Milan Stefanovic

    Just to much hypocrisy in this video. From the game developers, critics and reviewers in it.
    They profited from cathering to male gamers and now they more or less throw them under the buss… just to try and be on the “good” side of the Sarkesian and Mcintosh people. I mean comon, Mcintosh is the one who writes what Anita is saying, making it preaty hypocritical they talk about patriarchy, when Anita is being told what to say by a man.

  • will

    Male gamers don’t hate women.They just hate Anita Sarkesian for producing left wing rubbish like this video!

  • JRyman

    Feminist Frequency has been losing a lot of credibility over the years, and it’s only about to get worse. Events have been happening that even the IRS is gonna be investigating FF’s financials with a LOT of suspicious stuff being dug up. Might actually see news of that soon enough…

  • Italy GG

    We must stop using “benevolent” sexism and “white/reverse” racism.
    Hating men is sexism. Hating whites is racism.
    No matter how hard they try to force the idea that hating *certain* groups is less bad.

  • Ørjan Kristoffersen

    I wholeheartedly agree, hence the quotations.

  • C’est la même

    All I can tell from these responses is that the message (that sexism and harassment towards women within the gaming community, is as common as it is in society at large) is being badly communicated.

  • Arbitrary

    What “recent circumstances”, exactly?

    Also, can we please drop the term “mansplaining”? It’s misandrist drivel from one end to the other.

  • DynastyStar

    if you’re interested in watching it, I’d also suggest watching Queeny’s video on the topic if you already “25 benefits of being female while gaming”, which looks like its already been linked in these comments.