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Fallout Shelter 1.3 New Dweller Screen 155x300Bethesda’s mobile vault building game Fallout Shelter has updated to 1.3 and brought a lot of goodies for players this holiday season.

The most notable new addition to the game is an entirely new class of item: pets. Pets will give certain buffs to dwellers such as increased return speed from the Wasteland. Pet Crates are sold at the same prices as Lunchboxes and there are pets of varying qualities. Pets will still be able to be acquired in-game for free through gameplay just like Lunchboxes.

Vault Dwellers can now be permanently evicted from the Vault. Previously, if you hit the population cap and wanted to bring in new people the only option you had was to kill an existing dweller. You could repeatedly Rush a room until they run out of health or send them out into the Wasteland unarmed and wait for them to die. Now you can free up a bit of space with much less murdering.

These changes have led to a reworking of the vault dweller screen. New additions are a slot for pets to assign them to individual dwellers and a red evict button for you to banish them to the Wasteland permanently.”

What will probably be one of the most welcome changes is an addition to the inventory interface – you can now Sell All of a particular item. Previously, if you had a lot of the same item you had to click three times to sell just one item. The “Sell All” option now allows you to completely get rid of a type of item with fewer taps and it conveniently shows you how many Caps you’ll make as a result.

Fallout Shelter 1.3 Storage Screen 300x169

The Inventory screen has changed for the better with the addition of the ability to Sell All. Fallout Shelter is a bit less frustrating now, especially for players who have a lot of explorers out in the Wasteland.

In addition to these changes, some new lines of dialogue have been added for conversations in the Vault between dwellers. There have also been the usual expected slew of unknown bug fixes and changes.

There is also now a Holiday theme in players’ Vaults. Level 3 Diners and Living Quarters now have holiday decorations. This has happened twice before for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Bethesda has gone a step further and changed the outdoors to a snowy landscape. I guess the NCR finally got that Nuclear Winter they’ve been hoping for.

Quick Take

Fallout Shelter 1.3 Adorable Kitty And Me 300x209

On the upside, the dweller I chose to represent me now has an adorable kitty.

I wrote an article about some things Fallout Shelter needed to fix and this update has addressed one of them (the selling interface). Another item on the list (the max limit of explorers) was addressed in a previous update. But there are still an awful lot of problems in this game that remain to be addressed, and now we have yet another thing for players to buy while minimal actual fixes or improvements have been done in the game. Still, Fallout Shelter is a fun little distraction. Now if they’d just fix that gosh darn misaligned American Flag.

What do you think of Fallout Shelter’s 1.3 update? Is there anything you’re particularly excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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