Those paying attention to THQ Nordic’s website earlier today found that a countdown timer had appeared. The time that the countdown would end coincided with the beginning of The Game Awards 2017 which is happening tonight. The website was also accompanied by a blurred out logo, a hashtag for #EndlessWinter, and a message explaining that “THQ Nordic is about to reveal a new awesome game. Check back for less blurry images closer to the countdown end.” Like with most teases on the internet, it got spoiled early as the Steam page for Fade To Silence outed the game’s existence.

Fade To Silence is being developed by Black Forest Games, whose most recent releases have included the Giana Sisters games and Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back. It will be a survival game where you take on the role of Ash, whose goal it is to survive a post-apocalyptic frozen world. Gameplay includes the recruitment of other survivors, adventuring the wintry wastes to collect resources and taking on the wide variety of eldrich beasts that walk the land.

Fade To Silence

Explore rivers, forests, and farmland in this world of winter

THQ Nordic have put extra emphasis on their weather engine and physics, highlighting the players need to read the environment and predict whether it’s safe to continue, or if it looks like a blizzard is about to appear. In those kinds of situations, it will be up to the player to find shelter or try to get home. If you are caught in a Blizzard it will be a fight for your life against the elements. Other features that are being promoted include an open world encompassing 8km², the ability to go on sledding expeditions, combat including melee and ranged weapons, moral choices on who to let into your home, and the variety of dangerous Eldritch creatures that you’ll encounter along the way.

Fade To Silence

Whether it be the monsters or the cold you’re always in danger…

While there is no release date, Fade To Silence will be hitting Steam Early Access on December 14th and will have full controller support. There is no word at this time whether it will also be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but it was noted that in the meta tags for the website Steam was included, while Microsoft and Sony’s console were omitted.

This also isn’t the only potential news coming out of THQ Nordic tonight as a recently discovered website confirms that there is a new Jagged Alliance title “Coming Soon…” as well.

What do you think of Fade To Silence? Are you looking forward to braving the wilds or would you rather just stay in with hot cocoa? Is Jagged Alliance maybe a bit more your speed?

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