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Today in a post on Reddit’s r/gaming subreddit, the microtransaction structure for Fable Legends was revealed to the public.

Fable Legends is the next title in the Fable series from Lionhead Studios and the first main series title not quarterbacked by Peter Molyneux. Fable Legends has diverted from the series’ history as a largely single player boxed release in favor of a co-op focused Free-to-Play experience. And as we all know, with Free-to-Play, usually comes microtransactions.

The leaked image comes from the game’s ongoing closed Beta and breaks down how players can purchase in-game currency using real money.

The system follows a structure that should be familiar to most gamers, players can pay increasing amounts of real world currency for in-game gold at an increasing value. 

Fable Legends' Microtransaction Structure

The leaked image

  • $4.99 for 850 Gold – a “pound”
  • $9.99 for 1850 Gold – a “mark”
  • $14.99 for 2850 Gold – a “stone”
  • $29.99 for 6000 Gold – a “hundredweight”
  • $59.99 for 12800 Gold – a “ton”

As one might expect, the “ton” of gold for $59.99 is pitched by the Fable Legends’ system as the best offer, an offer that has many gamers scoffing.

The thread where this image leaked sees some commenters claiming to be in the beta stating that the microtransactions are for aesthetics and are not simply “pay-to-win”. One thing to note is that the beta is under an NDA, thus one should be very careful on discussing any knowledge you might have of it and that the image itself may be pulled unceremoniously from the internet at any time.

Microtransactions have been a hot button issue for the games industry since their introduction. Many people claim they are exploitative, greedy and create situations where players are forced to pay real money to compete. Others say that free-to-play means more games and argue that microtransactions aren’t an obligation for those with the time to earn unlocks the slower, free ways.

Fable Legends is expected to release in 2016 on Xbox One and Windows 10, and we will continue to watch this story as it develops.

Quick Take

I don’t typically engage in microtransactions so it’s hard for me to summon the outrage in this case. However, a leak of this kind creates a lot of animosity towards a game when the only information available is “yes, they’re charging money, look how much”. The microtransaction system was always going to be announced. But in this case, with no explanation or softening words from the developers, the typical response to a microtransaction system is only magnified. This information was under NDA by its participants, so we can certainly expect a reaction from Lionhead, even if its just a shift in marketing strategy.

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  • lunaticFortune

    I don’t see this as any great surprise, to be honest. It was billed as free-to-play, and outside of flash games, they’re still expected to make money back somehow.

    Granted, I wasn’t interested at all in the game in the first place, so it’s no great loss.

  • Wisdomcube2000

    I’m ok with the $60 bit ONLY if you can then use that to purchase EVERY bit of the game. If it does that and remains free to play, I won’t mind. I doubt that will be the case (the buy everything bit), but at least this is a free to play game so it’s not as bad as say an already $60 game doing this.

  • Casey

    So, one thing that baffles me is how people say “Microsoft just buys up studios and doesn’t do anything with them or their games!”

    This… let this be a shining beacon as to why we shouldn’t want Microsoft to buy other studios PERIOD, and why we definitely don’t want them making more games.

    Oh and Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Perfect Dark Zero. Those are pretty good examples of their incompetence too.

  • Gold is 1 of the types of currency’s in-game, the second being Silver. The difference between the 2 types is just the price range. Something costing 2 gold will cost 25 silver, and something costing 1399 gold will cost 40000 silver and so on. But yes, you are given the option to buy everything in-game with gold currency.

    I should add that silver currency, while giving you a bigger amount after completing ‘quests’ in-game. The amount earned with silver will always be second to gold currency, Which again, you can use both to buy anything in the game…including other characters.

    Proof in imgur link:

  • MrPsygo

    I don’t see the problem. $60 for all that gold is like buying a whole game, and if people like it that much then they will pay that much. Better that then not have the option and having to buy 2 $30 packs and coming out 800 gold less.