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EVO is the fighting game community’s biggest event of the year, and our Jeff Pannell has been covering it. That said, there are sometimes things that aren’t really visible on the floor and this only came to light really today. Reported by Japanese Interpreter Ryan Harvey, who had to explain the situation on the floor to Fuudo, it appears that after the first top 8, ESPN required EVO to use Story Costume 1 for R. Mika after the default costume was found to be “too revealing” by ESPN according to Ryan.

Ryan Harvey has said that he doesn’t want to discuss it any further at this time.

Here we have two Top 8 matches for Street Fighter V, the first that Fuudo was in and the second. We can see in the first match he is using the default costume, and in the second he is using the different Story Costume 1.

We reached out to ESPN about this to confirm the story, and they have declined to comment at all on the matter. While we have reached out to EVO about the situation, they have not responded.

Without having a comment from ESPN, we can’t be sure what it was that particularly prompted the change, nor is this the first time that Street Fighter V, or R. Mika in particular, have been addressed about appearances. R. Mika’s buttslap was removed when Capcom felt some players may find it uncomfortable, and most recently Cammy had her nipples removed from her model (That must have been painful!).

This does beg a question, why does ESPN, who hosts and creates content like the ESPN Body Issue, which is far more revealing, have an issue with R. Mika’s virtual skin, which covers far more than the ESPN Body Issue does? If you want to take a look at that NSFW and far more risque piece of content you can check here

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think ESPN was right to do this? Do you think this is something that was incredibly silly? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Don Parsons

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  • Robert Grosso

    Welcome to TV if thats the case…

  • I’d rather wait until proper confirmation comes out from EVO or ESPN before I let my jimmies get rustled on this.

  • coboney

    We reached out to ESPN – their official statement of sorts to me was to say that they are no commenting on the matter.

  • plakia

    Fuck SFV.

  • DariusQ

    At this point I wish Capcom had never included RMika in the first place. Why would you go to all the trouble of making a boisterous revealing character just to censor those facets? And then there is bikini DLC on the way. Friggin’ Capcom can’t make up their minds.

  • Jumanji Joe

    Remember sports fans, nearly naked men is A-OK. Looking at somewhat nude women is just as bad as ccommitting puppy genocide.

  • Yeah, news shows actually tend to censor cleavage; which I disagree with, what kids even watch the news?

  • Offendatron_5000

    Expect this to only get worse if this keeps going further mainstream. Especially with a company owned by Disney.

    While I’d like to see a successful industry, if we’re going to lose the fun and bombastic nature of games in the process, we lose.

  • Yeah I saw you mention, I figure that means they did it for exactly the reasons we suspect, but these days I prefer to get 100% clear confirmation before I lose my marbles, just on the off-off-off-chance there’s actually a rational explanation.

  • coboney

    We won’t get 100% confirmation unless EVO does. We do have the words of the person who had to explain it in Japanese to the player and ESPN refusing to say it didn’t happen.

  • ThaRealRingKing & RotatingRing

    I think it was a good look by ESPN, Fuudo has always been my favorite player & I have basically always played the same character he plays but R. Mika’s default has no place in a game you want 2 be able 2 market 2 a larger audience. I love story mode Mika, shes still sexy while being cool looking. I personally liked last years EVO better anyway, it felt way more genuine from all angles

  • Mangowannabango

    This is being broadcast on national tv wtf do u expect?

  • Yeah, I’d like an official statement from EVO or ESPN, but doubt they’ll bother, sadly.

  • lucben999

    Only when it’s cartoon women.