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Information about Bungie’s 1.0.2 patch for Destiny reveal a big change about the way you discover and decode engrams. This patch will go live at some point next week at some point. The engram changes are not just in reference to the engram decoder but also relates to the rewards of daily and weekly challenger.

Engrams will now only yield a reward once decoded of the engram color or higher. This means that if you have a rare or legendary engram that you will be able to redeem it and know that a blue engram will have a rare item or higher and a purple engram will have a legendary item or even an exotic. This change is being made most likely in response to players feedback about how even when redeeming legendary engrams most players are only getting uncommon or rare gear the majority of the time.

Engrams of legendary or exotic variety will also be added as rewards for completing the Daily Heroics, Weekly Heroics and the Vanguard: Tiger playlist. This allows for players to have a definite chance of getting legendary engrams on a more constant basis. The engram rewards for these events will not remove any of the current rewards but will instead just add onto the list.

Once this patch goes live any player who currently has a legendary engram still in their inventory will have it demoted to a rare engram. Bungie is urging players who own legendary engrams to redeem them but still say “let’s be honest–even if you don’t, we all know they were blues already…” poking a bit of fun at their own system.

Are you happy with these changes being made? or is it now too easy to farm for legendary items?

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  • Big Guy, For You

    I wish I could say this was exciting but it just isn’t enough to keep me personally playing. The game has gotten stale, and just so lackluster. There really isn’t much of a variety of things to do in this game, within the first 10+ hours or so you can do everything apart from Raids and then you have to farm and grind for gear (Which is all random with no player – player trade) Destiny, personally has been such a let down Advertisement wise I think they pulled a Ubi.

  • cypher20

    I was never super upset that engrams could give lower quality gear, I never got that complaint. Honestly, I kind of wish that if they’re going to remove that aspect, that they make it so they will no longer give higher quality gear. However, people would just whine about that too. Overall, I’ve been enjoying Destiny. Not happy with every aspect of it. The story was surprisingly lackluster and I hate the pvp. Patrol could use some tweaks to make it more interesting. Still, overall I’ve been having a lot of fun so I have a hard time seeing people who complain about gear drops as anything other then whiners. I’m probably being unfair, still, I have been gearing up pretty nicely myself so I just fail to see the complaint. The game hasn’t been out even a month and tons of us are level 25+, I’m 26 and I only play at night. So I really fail to see how the system isn’t fair, especially compared to other games that have a grind, I’ve played several and they are far worse (Warframe most prominently comes to mind).

  • Andrew Stretch

    I see what you mean about your criticisms with the story but you hear and see of people who play and are still in the early 20’s and if you’re going to complete a higher level strike I guess people expect to be rewarded accordingly. I’m not a huge fan of PvP but the big part of this update for me is the better gear with more upgrades for my character.