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Frontier Developments have announced that their universal space trucker game Elite: Dangerous has managed to move 1.4 million copies since the game’s release on PC, Mac and Xbox One platforms. 

The game, which was successfully crowdfunded back in 2014, has seen an overwhelmingly positive response from their community since its inception.

We have an amazing player community,” Frontier CEO David Braben said. “The average play time among our 1.4 million players is 60 hours – that’s a massive 84 million player hours and counting. With the community’s feedback, we’re constantly making Elite: Dangerous better than ever. We have incredible long-term ambition and we will continue to deliver on those ambitions. We will detail more exciting developments for Horizons very soon.

The game recently went into its second season. This new season, titled Elite: Dangerous Horizons, adds the ability to land on one of the uncountable number of planets in the game and drive around in a dune buggy while they collect resources and do missions. It seems like the future is bright for fans of the space sim.

Elite: Dangerous: Horizons is available now on Steam and the official Frontier Developments website. Players who already own the game can buy the new update for $44.99, with new players able to buy the full experience for $59.99. This pricing structure got a bit of backlash from the community because people who already bought the base game are essentially paying more for the complete experience than new players are.

Quick Take

While I’m personally not too happy with the pricing structure of the update, I am pretty pleased with how well this game is doing. The sheer size and scope of the game and the beautiful visual representation make for an oddly compelling, yet quite slow, gaming experience that scratches and itch I didn’t even know needed scratching. The Horizons update is a bit lackluster in terms of content to date, but their continued dedication to improving the game as time goes on leads me to believe that the few objections I have with Elite: Dangerous will become even less in the not too distant future. 

Chris Anderson

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  • Crizzyeyes

    Surprising, considering that the only thing you can do at the start of the game is fly near planets for money. Extremely boring, not sure how people got through that bit. And then have to go through it again when their ship is destroyed and they lose everything. What a waste of a good combat system, if only I could actually engage with it.

  • Robert Grosso

    I think people just love their space sims. It is why EVE online is so popular methinks.

  • JamesGoblin

    Eve is popular due to it’s politics, meta and whatnot, otherwise any space sim would just flourish =)

  • JamesGoblin

    It’s kinda controversial (naturally), I remember Massively OP reviewer calling it “A mile wide but an inch thick” which kinda agrees with your assessment.

    I haven’t tried it yet, due to some bad signals I received. How massive is the game?

    PS I’m not trying to start the “MMO or not MMO” debate, just interested in the scale of the game; IIRC it has single payer mode, and co-op!?

  • Crizzyeyes

    It is huge. I think that the galaxy is either procedurally generated or so large it doesn’t matter. It does have co op and an arena mode which I have not tried yet. I was very disappointed to find that the only reliable way for me to make money at the start was “go scan planets.” Especially because I think the combat is quite good from what I saw in the tutorial.

    You can think of it kind of like an instanced game. You can do solo play in your own instance of the galaxy or have a friend join your instance. There’s also piracy and pvp but I am not entirely keen on how that works. The game is AGGRESSIVELY bad at telling you how to play it so be prepared to look at a guide.

  • JamesGoblin

    The scale I had in mind was number of players on single server / shard / persistent universe or whatever it’s called.

    Is it measured in dozens or thousands, just a rough estimate?

  • Robert Grosso

    Yet for those who are on PC a lot, they tend to flourish. I know a lot of people that still play Wing Commander, Privateer, Star Control, Ur-Quan Masters…and I myself am looking forward to No Mans Sky this year.

    Something about it, I guess, is just so appealing.

  • Serathis

    Its still a single player game 🙁

  • Chris Anderson

    Depends on how you play it, really. I’ve played with other people in a wing where we essentially did trading runs and bounty hunting as a team. You can play it solo if you like, but it’s pretty easy to play with other people.

  • Chris Anderson

    It’s the 360 degrees of movement and a gigantic world to play in. Wanderlust, essentially.

  • Serathis

    I played it 40+ hours and I dont think I ever met another player. Near the Gateway system.

  • Chris Anderson

    I’ve met quite a few! Even had to queue at an orbital station because all landing zones were in use by other players.