Here’s a nice little surprise if you signed up for EA Access back when it launched in August of 2014: a free 2TB hard drive sent to you by EA as a thank you for supporting the service for as long as you’ve done. If you qualify for the hard drive, you’ll end up with this package in the mail:

Thanks for being with EA Access from the start – there’s no one we’d rather have spent all those weekend-long binges and all night gaming marathons with than you. We figured with the 40+ games in The Vault, you could use some extra hard drive space. Plus a little extra something to get your whole crew on board.

The hard drive included normally costs $100, so sending this out for free to a select few subscribers is a very nice gesture. The care package also includes a free month of Xbox Live Gold for you and a few of your best friends.

EA Access is a service on Xbox One that allows you unlimited access to The Vault, which is an ever-growing collection of games you can play as long as your subscription is active. Origin Access, which is exclusive to the PC, is pretty much the same thing albeit with a different line-up of games.

Quick Take

That’s a very nice gesture on EA’s part. Despite all of the things EA can be blamed for, their approach to customer loyalty and their handling of the EA/Origin Access program has been very good so far, with a rather large library of games you can play as a subscriber. The service is also pretty cheap, so getting the benefits doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. 

Did you get EA’s care package? What do you think of the EA/Origin Access service? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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