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BioWare and Electronic Arts have gone into the realm of cross-buying.

A few days ago, BioWare announced that anyone who purchases Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC for last-generation consoles, will get that said DLC for free when they upgrade. The cross-buy promotion works like this; if you purchase any Inquisition DLC for a PS3, you will be able to download that DLC for free on the PS4. The same goes for the Xbox 360/Xbox One. BioWare has also stated that, “this offer applies only to the DLC, not the main game, which must be purchased separately.”

Currently, only one DLC has been released for Dragon Age: Inquisition, titled Jaws of Hakkon. While it does not say in the fine print on this offer, it is very likely BioWare will allow all purchasable DLC to follow suit with this deal. This is the first time BioWare and Electronic Arts have done a cross-buy promotion.

The ability to cross-buy between old and new systems is a new practice that is slowly becoming popular with game companies. Last year, Activision-Blizzard and Bungie offered a similar promotion with Destiny, allowing players who purchased the game on the PS3/Xbox 360 digitally to later “upgrade” their copies if they switch to a PS4/Xbox One. Likewise, Harmonix is promising players of the Rock Band series that their purchased DLC will be transferable between console families when Rock Band 4 releases later this year.

All cross-buy promotions are currently between console families, meaning only transferable between PS3/PS4/PS Vita and Xbox 360/Xbox One, respectively. However, Microsoft has stated that it plans on bringing cross-buy and cross-play to Windows 10 and XBox One with select titles.

Nintendo also offers a similar service, allowing players who purchased titles off the virtual console a permanent discount to these games if they wish to be re-bought, in addition to cross-buying some titles with the Wii U and 3DS.

So what do you think? Is this cross-buy incentive good for business? Did BioWare and EA make the right move here? Leave your comments below.

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  • Todd Perry

    Actually, Bioware has done this before with content for Dragon Age: Origins, DA2, and Mass Effect 2. It was handled through their player/community site: (if you can log into it anymore). When you registered content for one system, it showed up for others as well. I never bought DA:O for 360 or PS3, but when I registered my PC copy and DLC, they were linked to my PSN and XBL accounts as well.

  • HisShadowX

    I can confirm this as well

  • PossiblyCthulhu

    Nothing but PR fluff…. I imagine in less than 12 months, EA will drop PS3, 360 (Battlefront is already PS4/XB1/PC only) from any new releases, which makes this pointless in the long run, but good for a marketing pick-me-up.

    Now if this was full cross platform, so if I have a game on PC and PS4, then the DLC was attached to your origin account, then I can see it being advantageous.