EA E3 2017: SEED and Scorpio

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At E3 this year, EA announced their new SEED research division.

Standing for “Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division”, SEED aims to research new technology like Microsoft’s Scorpio, and use emergent technology like neural networks and procedural generation to invigorate the way that games are created and played.


Judging by what little we know, SEED appears to be based at least partly around the idea of creating systems that use procedural generation to create new characters, worlds, and ways to play.

“We want to blur the line between reality and the virtual world. What if instead of giving millions of players control of a single virtual character, we had games with millions of characters shaped by you, our players.”

– EA executive vice president Patrick Söderlund

So not really much yet. Most likely EA will be expanding on what this high-tech R&D department will be working on soon.

Söderlund quickly moved away from SEED, to show us some more images of Madden on the Xbox Scorpio.

If you want to know more about this and other announcements happening at E3 then be sure to check out our E3 2017 Coverage Hub.

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