One thing that Sony had quite a bit of at E3 was PlayStation VR titles. There seemed to be a game for everybody there, from cute platformer Moss, to time-freezing shooter Superhot VR, and even giant mech combat game Archangel. Horror fans can look forward to The Persistence, and now we’ve got more details about the game.

The game sees you waking up inside of a deep space exploration vessel named The Persistence. Something appears to have gone horribly wrong, as the crew has been turned into blood thirsty mutants and there’s a 9 foot tall monster wandering around. Now you must survive and find a way off The Persistence and back home.

To assist you in your survival you’ll find many abilities. The trailer showed off a psychic shield to help block attacks, but other abilities included a gravity smash that allowed you to pick up enemies and smash them around the environment, or the ability to release a swarm of droids to electrocute your enemies. You’ll need these skills to take on some of the deadlier threats, such as the Berserker. Of course you can also use the enemies to your advantage. Any pain sets the Berserker into a frenzy, and if you can trigger that without alerting him to your presence then you can wipe out groups of enemies instead of putting yourself at risk.

The Persistence also features a multiplayer mode where one player uses the VR headset to play while up to four other players to connect to the game with their phones or tablets to alter their gameplay. More details haven’t been released about this mode yet, but it does sound interesting at least.

The Persistence doesn’t have a release date yet, but is set to come out some time this year on PlayStation VR.

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Samuel Guglielmo

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