Super Mario Odyssey has been incredibly popular since it’s reveal trailer during the Nintendo E3 Showcase. Nintendo’s Treehouse Live has already shown off three different worlds and a ton of new features found in the game, from capturing and possessing objects and enemies to solve puzzles to tons of platforming and hidden goodies. A new feature was just revealed by Nintendo Treehouse though; and that is co-op is also a feature in Super Mario Odyssey.

Apparently one player can use Mario while another takes the role of Cappy, the magical hat that becomes Mario’s ally in Super Mario Odyssey. Cappy already has a ton of abilities for single player, but in co-op mode, Cappy can float above Mario’s head and fly around the world independently, even offscreen.

This can be done through each player using a separate Joy-con controller. Players can use the joystick to maneuver the camera around while holding the X button. Making cappy fly would take just the Y button.

Treehouse live showed off the feature by having Cappy fly between palm trees to gather music notes during a timed sequence.

This co-op mode invokes a similar co-op mode from Banjo-Tooie by Rare for the Nintendo 64. The mode, known as Devil Bottles mode, would have players use the dead character Bottles possess enemies in the game levels to hinder the progress of the first player. Rare never fully implemented the game mode however, but it was accessible through cheating devices.

This version of the co-op mode is actual co-op, as Mario and Cappy will have the players working together to collect objects and traverse through the large worlds of Super Mario Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on October 27th for the Nintendo Switch.

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