For everyone who wants to keep up with the latest E3 conference news but wasn’t able to get an invite here are all of the essential links for you! At the bottom of the page there is even a neat little time zone guide to help viewers from different time zones know when they should be tuning in!

Where to watch E3 2014:

Note: All of these times are in PDT but at the bottom of the article is a conversion table.

Microsoft – June 9th

Pre-show: 9:00 am
Conference: 9:30 am
On any Xbox console or with the Windows Phone app

EA – June 9th

Pre-show: 11:35 am
Conference: 12:00 pm E3

Ubisoft – June 9th

Pre-show: 2:30 pm
Conference: 3:00 pm
Ubisoft’s Youtube

Sony – June 9th

Pre-show: 5:30 pm
Conference: 6:00 pm
E3 2014 app for PS4
This app not only will allow you to stay up to date on events and news but also allows the user to earn up to 250 reward points. You can also get a 30 day Amazon prime trial, Music unlimited 30 day trial or if you’re early enough you may get one of 6,000 invites per day to the Playstation Now Private Beta. So you can download it here!

Nintendo – June 10th

Pre-show: 8:30 am
Conference: 9:00 am

Or if you don’t want to have to keep tabbing between websites here are a couple that will be showing them all:

Here is the corresponding times for people in other time zones:
E3 2014 Timezone Guide

How do you plan to watch this years E3? Let us know in the comments below!

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