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Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a well regarded entry into the long running series of video games based on the Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball GT is an anime only sequel which features an infamous theme song that correctly warns viewers of the pain to come. The show is at best a retread of Dragon Ball Z and at worst a marketing experiment gone bad. So when it came time for Bandai Namco to create DLC for its fan service-based fighting game, it’s only natural that the content is focused on the one part of the universe that fans desperately want to forget.

Kidding aside, Dragon Ball Xenoverse has received several packs of DLC based on the most controversial chapter of Goku’s story. The first, released last month, contains the GT versions of Kid Goku and Trunks as well as Pan. It also includes new missions and costumes all themed around the show. Coming on April 14th, the second DLC will focus on villains, including two Shadow Dragons from GT and Mira and Towa from Xenoverse’s Time Patrol campaign mode. The DLC also promises more GT based adventures and the ability to accept martial arts training from Pan. So if your Dragon Ball power fantasy involves being trained not by Goku but by his granddaughter, they’ve got you covered.

Xenoverse’s season pass promises a third DLC pack in the coming months, but offers no hints as to its contents. This means that fans of Giru, Baby, Super 17 and all the other memorable cast members of Dragon Ball GT still have a chance to have their wishes granted. By a dragon. Each DLC pack can be purchased for just $9.99, or bundled together for $24.99. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is available on Steam, as well as Xbox One, PS4 and their last-gen equivalents.

What Dragon Ball GT characters are you excited to play as? Will one of the DLC missions feature the Shadow Dragon created by Oolong’s wish for a pair of panties? Answer these questions and more in the comments below!

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  • BasedLink

    Please tell me they didn’t hire Pan’s original voice actress. I thought GT was OK, but her voice was the only thing I could not stand.

  • BurntToShreds

    That third DLC pack’s probably going to be all about Revival of F, the newest movie.

  • That would be a DLC pack I would actually consider getting.

  • Psichaos

    I believe they already confirmed it as being Revival of F. I recall one of the Japanese mags stating that the gold Frieza transformation and one of the side characters that make a brief appearance in the trailer is part of the third DLC.

  • Wonderkarp

    Considering time travel in Dragon Ball deals with Multiverse theory, and the game is about Time Travel, I’m all right with GT existing in this game. Because its just another alternate time line. Like when you go to Trunks’s Future.

    GT Still isnt canon and Revival of F and Battle of Gods just underlines that

  • Wouldn’t the two movies take place way before wherever GT would be placed on the timeline? Pan isn’t even born yet as of Battle of Gods.

    I actually had something about the series being non-canon in an earlier draft, but I did some research and there is nothing stopping GT from being canon and Mr. Toriyama doesn’t seem to mind one way or the other. I hope one of these new movies eventually takes on the GT stuff in a more palatable way, but officially I think it still counts as of this moment.

  • Wonderkarp

    There are a few things now preventing GTs canon.

    Pilaf and Company using the Dragon Balls to turn them into children means they wont be old people when GT Starts

    Gold Frieza now contradicts everything involving Frieza in GT. Should he die in the movie, he’d still be Gold, as he reaches this status from Training according to spoilers.

    Super Saiyan God contradicts Super Saiyan 4, and I’ve seen further spoilers that I wont mention in this regard, but GT is pretty much non existant. Pan was Canon from the DBZ epilogue

  • Oh right, I forgot about that! I was wondering why they brought back Pilaf for that movie. I stand corrected!

    Still would like to see Baby or Super 17 in one of these movies, even as a throwaway joke.