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Usually, when a developer or a company releases a patch, it’s supposed to fix some (if not all) the issues present in a previous version. NVIDIA’s latest drivers did the exact opposite, with potentially harmful consequences as a result that may end up melting your graphics card. 

The hardware giant released a driver update last week was meant to improve performance for games like the newly released Tom Clancy’s The Division and Hitman games, but instead of optimizing the performance it froze people’s games, with some people actually finding that their expensive graphics cards had melted. NVIDIA was quick to release a statement saying that they were investigating the issue with driver 364.47 and  364.51. That was 6 days ago, and an update fixing those issues still hasn’t been released. 

This would not be too much of a problem were it not for the fact that NVIDIA still hasn’t deleted the potentially harmful update from their update servers, which could lead customers to download the driver update without knowing what it could cause. The problems that arise from installing this update seem to be generation agnostic, meaning that any of their cards can potentially be affected by this and apparently the people who are running multiple-monitor setups seem to be the most affected by this. The problems also don’t happen instantaneously, so if you have installed the update I would strongly urge you to use something like Display Driver Uninstaller to revert the firmware back to the last stable version, which is 362.00 and can still be downloaded from the official NVIDIA website.

So, to reiterate, if you’ve been getting random game freezes, blue screens, and artifacting that you haven’t encountered before you should downgrade as soon as possible, lest you’ll be left with an expensive and toasty paperweight. You can grab the safe driver here

Chris Anderson

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  • DrearierSpider

    What’s wrong with 364.51? I know they initially released it as a hotfix (in beta) to address the issues of 364.47, but I thought it worked fine (and I believe it’s now a full WHQL release).

  • Crackle Mackle

    The broken drivers on 7th of March were indeed removed and the current 364.51 are the fixed ones. It’s a full release including a WHQL signature.

  • Dindu Nuffin

    Remember when there WASN’T a fucking driver update every twelve bastard seconds?!?

    Also, remember when they weren’t hundreds of megabytes in size too?

    In the immortal words of Super Hans; “It’s bullshit!”

  • Just to be the nob on the other side; back when there weren’t regular updates we didn’t get optimization per AAA game release.

    We take it for granted but it IS nice that you get that little bit more out of your rig for particularly taxing games.

  • Andy

    I love this. I wonder how those stupid nvidia fanboys feel now? Always saying that AMD is shit due to bad drivers(being a false claim for the past couple of years).