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Very soon Tom Clancy’s The Division will get its 1.1 update, and with it, the game will be receiving a large amount of new features and tweaks. It will be available April 12th.

Features and issues addressed include everything from a new incursion to gear. Let’s check out some of what we can expect in a just a couple of weeks

Falcon Lost Incursion

Incursions are like raids in The Division and will feature two difficulties, hard mode and the ever demanding challenge mode. Be careful about which difficulty you choose as this first incursion (at least) will not feature any check points. If a group wipes the Falcon Lost, then it’s back to the beginning.  Matchmaking will be included at launch and will use the player’s Gear Score as a matchmaking tool to ensure that groups are matched up appropriately. Incursions can be completed multiple times, but the first completion will provide the best reward. Rewards include new set pieces and high end weapons.

Gear Score and Gear Sets

nB241Hj - The Division Gets a Big Update

After a player hits the level cap of 30, The Division will start to tabulate their gear score. Basically, the game calculates the score off of obtained armor and weapons that are equivalent to a level higher than 30. Challenges and incursions will come with their own recommended gear score, and The Division even checks the player’s inventory to confirm they’re getting an accurate score.

Four new gear sets will appear in the 1.1 update. The more pieces of a set the player has equipped, the more bonuses they’ll receive.  Sets can be obtained by completing the Falcon Lost Incursion or by venturing into the Dark Zone. Each set provides a bonus for a different play style. Sentry’s Call is for marksmen, Striker’s Battle Gear for combat assault, Tactician’s Authority for support, and Path of the Nomad for venturing into the Dark Zone.

Item Trading

This is a big one; Ubisoft Massive said prior to The Division‘s launch that player to player trading would not be initially available. With the 1.1 update, players will be allowed to drop items after a boss kill and let another member of their team pick it up. This can only be done in a two hour window after the drop and can be done unlimited times within those two hours.

Assignments and Supply Drops

Assignments are new daily and weekly challenges that give players a particular goal that can be completed while running various mission types. When these are completed the player will be awarded with Phoenix Credits. Supply drops occur in the Dark Zone hourly, give or take, and are protected by elite enemies. The first group to reach and claim the drop will be able to claim the loot inside without needing to extract it.


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  • webkilla

    will be interesting to see if its not too little too late

  • Chris Anderson

    Don’t see how it will be too late. The game came out less than a month ago and the community is slowly reaching max level. The game has hardly run out of content yet.

  • webkilla

    well – in the sense that most of the reviews already pan the game for having a lackluster single player campaign, and that the endgame so far seems to be dark zone hijinks that punish people waaaay too much for going rogue

    Raids, daily grinds and trading is nice – but… its a looter shooter where a lvl 30 character with ‘epic’ gear doesn’t even look that different from a lvl 1 newbie character.

    I’m just not impressed – but new content and features is always nice

  • Chris Anderson

    I’ve seen more positive than negative reviews, to be honest. The biggest complaint I’ve seen from the community is that the endgame is a grind, but what did they expect from an MMO-lite, really? I wouldn’t call the campaign lacklustre from anything but a story standpoint either. The level design is top notch.

    I don’t personally have a problem with looking the same at level 30 than I did at level 1. It’s a game that has a realistic aesthetic so I can forgive it that. As long as the gear I get makes the numbers go up then I’m happy!

  • webkilla

    I don’t mind that the end-game is a grind in that sense – yes that’s par for the course

    but in WoW your epic gear at least looks epic. In this game you can’t tell at a distance if a character is lvl 30 or 1

  • SevTheBear

    Don’t you dear making fun of The Fashion Division 😛

  • SevTheBear

    I say the story is.. poor and fighting the same few types of enemies is kind of boring. I really wish they had made more enemy types and that the story made a bit more sense. It’s as thin as Destiny if not more.

    I like that you hear when you enter the main area, you hear this


    Then you enter… and it’s dead as fuck. War zone my ass. Dunno man for me the game is 70% done and The Dark Zone is really lame. Butt it’s good they are making it better.

  • Rob

    Of course games like WoW and Destiny didn’t attempt to take to account a realism aspect considering they are both sci-fi/fantasy based games. Who cares if a level 1 and level 30 look the same?

  • webkilla

    its a reward feeling – sort of.

    If you cannot command some basic level of respect for having done some really difficult endgame raid or something – then… why bother doing it?

    Wow raid loot looks awesome and has awesome stats – that way the players with the gear get a nice boost, but others can also see “oh damn, he a good player”

    In the division… you can’t really tell. Oh, you got a teal beanie? Did you loot that out of a dumpster? No, epic raid reward? Nah – it looks like your character looted a thrift shop.

    There’s no respect, no awe.

    Even IRL we give soldiers medals and ribons for tours of duty – in the division… you get a jacket with a slightly different shade of brown, and gun model #2308957280f23 with better stats than your previous gun.

  • Rob

    Well as a retired Soldier, I can agree we do give them medals and ribbons for a job well done. I still wore the same uniform as them, I didn’t wear my awards and decorations everyday. I guess in my opinion the fact I look similar to a level 1 isn’t a big deal on the game and looking the same as one of my soldiers aside from a few stripes and a rocker on my chest it wasn’t a big deal