Nutaku’s newest game is Dick Chasey, a runner game with a decidedly-lewd theme.  If you’ve ever wanted to stare at a dude’s butt for hours and you don’t own any of the Metal Gear Solid games, this might just make a fine addition to your collection.

In Dick Chasey, you spend your time at a strip club watching some hot girls dance around. (And really, who doesn’t these days?) Things somewhat cross a line after that point — once the girls are done with their dance, you run out the back alley after them in an effort to get a little post-dance action. Also, you’re not wearing any pants (or any other clothes, save for some running shoes). Collect tokens and dodge obstacles with superhuman parkour skills as you try to chase the girls down!

You’ll have to vault walls, dodge dumpsters, and (in what can only be described as a superhuman display of power) jump over full-size vans at cross streets. Make it to the end of the level and you’ll be treated to some tantalizing interactive sex scenes in full 3D.

Nutaku games occasionally stray into strange territory and Dick Chasey is no different. I’m not entirely sure if this crosses the line or crosses the line twice — an objective look at the theme can make it seem a bit creepy, but it also is such a silly idea that it’s difficult to take it seriously.

If this game sounds like the kind of thing you’d like to play, you can purchase Dick Chasey over at Nutaku [NSFW] for PC at a price of $6.99/699 Nutaku Coins or your regional equivalent.

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What do you think of Dick Chasey? Does the game’s theme weird you out or is it too silly to take things seriously? Let us know in the comments below!

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